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    Ravenath, human male fighter 1

    -Illusions... Shouldn't be a caster near in this cases?

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    If the illusion was a programmed image, it might have been put there years ago. Illusions are very hard to figure out until the GM gets into his story telling mode.

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    Anaerion adds his effort to Kalgor's. Together you are able to determine that this illusion was made between a few days and a 1 weeks ago. The aura is faint, and begins to fade even as you concentrate on it.

    Spoiler Alert! A few aspects of this encounter aren't "by the book," because I had to adapt the original story somewhat to place it in LPF. If you're the sort who must know the details, read on.
    In the original encounter the caster is still around (though you wouldn't see or catch him). In this version he's long gone, but I couldn't pull that off without a Programmed Image which is a much higher level spell than would have been available to him. So I'm handwaving some of the mechanics of his spell.

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    "Let's see... Great!" in disgust. "I would guess the town folk put that illusion here days ago to test their children. And yet, Jocyn didn't warn us about it."
    Checking the map... "Nope, it isn't on the map. Gonna have to have a talk with him when we get back." Kalgor goes and picks up his dagger and handbo and makes sure Ravenath has retrieved his daggers. "Since there is nothing to loot, if everybody has grabbed their stuff and is ready, lets continue. Gragnor, remember it is left at the broken glade."
    "No, I said left."
    Kalgor goes back to finishing his handbo.
    Unless someone has something else they want to do here, let's start moving down the trail again, in the same marching order. Ready to leave. After an hour down the trail, pull a crazy ivan.

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    You travel on unmolested for the rest of the day, matching map to trail in spite of the easy-natured bickering between Kalgor and Ragnor. Just as it's becoming too dark for those without enhanced vision to see you come upon a small clearing suitable for setting up for the night. The ground is level and relatively free of rocks and roots, and there are trees on all sides to help break the wind and hide your fire. The sound of the wind whistling through the trees and overgrowth is broken by the eerie cry of a wolf calling for its pack. There's a feeling of waiting in the air, of suspense. You judge you're close to the half-way point between Haatse and the Crypt.

    Just need a physical arrangement for the camp and a watch schedule, please. The clearing is about 40'x50', trees all around.

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    "Since I can see at night and I don't have any spells that need refreshing tonight, I will take the midnight watch." as Kalgor shares his rations with Gragnor. "Here are the tinderbox and tinder twigs they gave us if someone wants a fire. Or you can use the flint and steel I tucked away. Here is a whetstone too."
    After setting up a his tent between two trees, "Say good nite kitty."

    "Good nite kitty" and Gragnor turns and makes a charging leap at a tree. While airborne, about three feet from the tree, Gragnor disappears in a puff of smoke. The tree is unharmed.

    Kalgor climbs in his tent and goes to sleep.
    Sleeping in armor, with the sword in its scabbard lying beside him under the blanket. One hand on the pommel. "Say good nite kitty" is prep for a readied dismissal. Theatrics need to be practiced. The tree thought about flinching, but by the time it finished its thought, the smoke had already dissipated.
    Someone else can map the camp and set the rest of the watch. I am hogging too much of the show.

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    Block rb780nm

    Iosef lights a fire and sees to his his blade's edge. "I will take first watch," he says.

    "I feel like somethings have become clearer to me...," the paladin muses. Looking at his hand he notices a glow about them.

    OOC: I can lay on hands! Who needs a tiny amount of healing before bed? 1d6 hp * 4 time/day - I'll try to bring the party to full health before bed incase of overnight ambush - I don't have a list of who's injured

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    OOC: In spite of my best efforts to kill off both Gragnor (temporarily) and Ravenath, the entire party survived the orc fight unscathed.

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    Ravenath, human warrior 1

    Ravenath was thinking about the encounter. He sees Kalgor going in to his tent. Ravenath gets near Kalgor's tent.

    -Kalgor. Eh, Kalgor. Sorry to bother you. Do you have a moment? It seems that you know something about magic. You know, I have been thinking about the encounter with the illusory orcs. Can an Illusion hurt anyone?

    Drawing a camp? I can't draw a hell of a map. Sorry.

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    OOC: Nah, don't worry about a map. Just let me know the watch order, and if it's important you can tell me generally how you want camp arranged. Unless you tell me otherwise I'll assume the tents will be in around the fire (Kalgor's is between a couple of trees).

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