Proposal: A player may trade with a merchant or another player. If trading with a player, the level and cost of the items must be equal. If trading with a merchant, the level and cost must be equal or lower.

Why? This proposal is aimed to fix some of the problems raised Proposal: Let Players Sell Stuff to Other Players, while still maintaining the integrity of the D&D wealth curve.

Allowing players to trade their magic items for items of an equivalent value addresses the issue of DMs giving unwanted loot, whether it be items that the player dislikes, or if an item type (sword, shield, armor, etc) is replaced before other item groups are filled out.

Also, it just makes sense. For example, let's say I go adventuring and find a L4 Shielding blade. Then I go back to town to see the merchant and he's selling a L4 Sunblade which I like better. It's nonsensical that the vendor would offer me only 168gp for the Shielding blade, but pay the full 840 for the Sunblade.

This would essentially allow players to sell at 100%, if and only if, they spend that gold on an item of equal or lesser value. Therefore, the wealth of the player has not changed (in fact, it may have gotten lower), but the player is happier.

The Result:The player wealth will remain essentially the same, players will be able to generally have the items they want, and DMs will not need to be as concerned with picking the "right" item for the player.