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    HM's Carrion Crown AP - OOC

    Well this should keep me from having to go through all my PM's again to know what to keep and what to delete. I mean really how did I get to 70 so fast??

    Closed Group (no recruiting sorry - and my other Carrion Crown games should still be a go will be checking in on that shortly)

    @Mowgli - Tengu Inquisitor/Rogue
    @GlassEye - Human Alchemist/Ranger(skirmisher/beast master/vivisectionist)
    @perrinmiller - Half-Drow Sorcerer/Bard
    @Satin Knights - Cleric/Summoner

    This is set for you to discuss what gestalt characters you might want to look into and any rules you think we should bring into a game like this.

    Most notably would be Hero Points (yay or nay?) What sources?? I like to keep that limited but for this I was thinking of allowing the Pathfinder Chronicles - Campaign Setting and any feats, equipment or what not from there. And most notably the races section for making interesting characters. Play a Taldan?, Garundi?, or someone from the Mwangi Coast??

    That would add to the RP I think.

    No character gene yet I am working on it and would like some input. I see some of you were agains the extra HP, but I don't see that as much a difference just a way to free up a feat so you don't have to take toughness or give up your favored class bonus to HP.

    But let us discuss. Thread is all yours.

    EDIT: Gestalt Rules


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