D&D / RPG News for Tuesday, 8 February, 2011

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    D&D / RPG News for Tuesday, 8 February, 2011

    D&D XP Recaps

    EN Publishing Adventure Path Updates

    We have some exciting upcoming news for fans of adventure paths. While there is an abundance of 3E and Pathfinder adventure path material, there isn't much for 4E. So here's a quick note on what to expect in the next year for EN World subscribers:
    • War of the Burning Sky is nearing its conclusion. We recently released the 9th adventure, The Festival of Dreams, to EN World subscribers, and there are three adventures left in the saga. Expect these soon!
    • Our next adventure path, ZEITGEIST, is coming along very nicely. We're busy with art and cartography at the moment, and we will have a flash new website for the series very soon. We expect the first part of this adventure path to be available to EN World subscribers this coming Spring, with regular installments following.
    • Finally, we have a top-secret new adventure path planned, based on a licensed property. It's too early to say anything yet - we expect to be signing licenses very soon - but it's a little different to anything you've seen from 4E so far in that it's a futuristic sci-fi space opera style setting (no, not that one!), rather than a fantasy one. We're very excited about this challenge, and we'll tell you more as soon as we can.
    In short, we have big plans and TONS of content coming for EN World subscribers! But beware - in order to fund all this exciting but very expensive stuff, the subscription price will be rising very soon. Right now it's $3 a month, and the increase will not apply to existing subscribers at the time, so make sure you get in before it goes up!

    In Other News....

    • Refuge in Audacity RPG A new parody RPG by freelance game designer Logan Bonner (formerly of Wizards of the Coast), inspired by World of Synnibar and bad 90's comics.
    • Lights in the Darkness A trio of hags lure your PCs out into their lair to give them a potentially lucrative offer: bring them the heart of the forest's unique treant guardian, and be rewarded with the location of a rich treasure trove. Will the PCs take the offer these swamp witches, or will they turn against them, and face the wrath of the whole coven.


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    ....that it's a futuristic sci-fi space opera style setting (no, not that one!), rather than a fantasy one.

    Almost made me spit out my coffee. This made me laugh so hard for some reason. Seriously I really needed that this morning. Thank you.

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