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    Hayabusa's Dawn of Defiance: Chapter II: A Wretched Hive

    Episode II
    Between the stars in the blackness of space, the Nebulon-B frigate Resurgence
    floats silently away from the prying eyes of the Empire.
    Meanwhile, the galaxy continues to sink further into darkness. Each day, remnants
    of the Old Republic are crushed and a New Order is more firmly established.
    Former Imperial Admiral Gilder Varth has provided Alderaanian agents
    with vital information on secret projects, and even now events are in motion
    to reveal the Empires misdeeds to the galaxy . . . .

    Two weeks after your arrival, the Resurgence has jumped again and now sits in another uninhabited system near the Perlemian Trade Route. You have spent the previous weeks recuperating from your injuries from Felucia, as well as spending time to perfect the abilities you learned on the mission. The captain of the ship is one Adrian Verana, an Alderaanian officer. He has met with all of you personally, showing you all to your own private quarters aboard the ship and letting you know that you are not to mention their benefactor's name aboard the vessel. For all you know, only yourselves and the original crew who hijacked the vessel from Kwenn space station are the only ones who know about Organa's involvement.

    Episode 1: The Traitor's Gambit

    OOC Thread

    Rogue's Gallery
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