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    OOC: Let's call the ceiling 20' high. Yes, that's a miss on the bug.

    Yes, Artemis speaks Allarian for the purposes of this adventure... it's just flavour. (I'm also not clear on how the languages of far lands work...) Consider it a "strong Allarian accent"...

    Oops, I thought Darkspiral Aura applied only to cursed targets.

    You're right, the flesh seeker took damage from being near the wall, but it wouldn't be enough to kill it. Also that was Karma making the OA - got the icons mixed up, sorry. But the roll was too low for either of them to hit, so again, no change in the outcome.
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    OOC: One thing though; the bug has moved 5 squares, but Lilli still had him slowed from her Grasping Shadows attack, I think, as she goes after the insect and other monsters in the initiative order.

    This sub-species might be immune to slow! Maybe it's the caverns crystals that Lilli was intending to dig around for (probably for the best now, unless there are other objections).

    Also, the Light cantrip wasn't on the bug, as I can't do that. It was originally on an empty square next to it. Sorry, just noted the Cave Fisher Spiker's Glowing status.

    I'll proceed with things as they are now.

    Lilli, somewhat startled by the insect’s sudden move after the spell clearly hit, isn’t too ruffled just yet.

    Concerned now for Artemis, she first switches off the now useless Light aura someway behind her and replaces it on the ceiling next to the creature’s new location.

    Without a noticeable pause in her casting, she attempts to weave an Illusory Ambush around the creature once again, still using the beastie’s confusion as a guide. She’s hopeful that it will serve in distracting the Fisher’man if it should it make another attack on the party.

    She then skips away into the darkness, towards the bug’s now darkened original spot.


    Free Action: Cancel existing Light cantrip.

    Minor Action: Targets Light cantrip at the ceiling square G7.

    Light (At Will Minor Ranged 5 Arcane)
    Target: One object or unoccupied square
    Effect: You cause the target to shed bright light. The light fills the target’s square and all squares within 4 squares of it. The light lasts for 5 minutes. Putting out the light is a free action.

    • Phantom Echoes: When you use an arcane illusion power and hit a target, you gain combat advantage against that target until the end of your next turn. If the illusion power has an effect that a save can end, you instead gain combat advantage against the target until it saves against that effect.
    Including a plus 2 from the above feat and Targetted at the Cave Fisher Spiker:

    Illusory Ambush (At Will Standard Ranged 10 Arcane, Illusion, Implement, Psychic)
    Target: One creature
    Attack: +6 vs. Will
    Hit: 1d6+6 Psychic damage and the target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of your next turn.

    http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2918027/ Total: 19

    Potential Damage: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2918030/ Total: 11

    Move Action: Lilli moves to square D3.

    Female Gnome Illusionist Wizard, Level 1
    Initiative: +0, Passive Perception: 11, Passive Insight: 16. Senses: Low-light vision.
    AC:15, Fort: 11, Reflex: 15, Will: 15.
    HP: 15/22, Bloodied:11, Surge Value: 5, Surges left: 6/7
    Speed: 5 squares. Size: Small. Languages: Eladrin, Allarian.
    Saving Throw Bonuses: +5 Racial bonus against illusions
    Action Points:1
    Ghost Sound
    Mage Hand
    Orb of Deception
    Illusory Ambush
    Nightmare Eruption
    Grasping Shadows (used)
    Fade Away
    Second Wind
    Horrid Whispers
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    OOC: Gah, I screwed up a lot last night. This one would need too much of a retcon - consider his being able to shake off the slow payback for the fact that you weren't supposed to have hit him at all first round!

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    OOC: I am up arn't I... (i'l edit this post to be my post if it is..)

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    "This is bad, did you hear that... that... thing? These things are here because of me. Guys I'm so sorry I got you into this."

    Artemis takes a deep breath and watches carefully for the ghoul to come back.

    "Don't worry guys, I promise I won't let anything happen to you."


    Standard: Second Wind.

    Artemis stats
    Atremis Harks- Male Human Hybrid: Warlord/Warlock 2
    Darkspiral Aura: 0
    Initiative: +1, Passive perception: 10, Passive Insight: 10
    Defenses: AC: 17, For: 17, Ref: 18, Will: 17
    HP: 21 +2 /29, Bloodied: 14, Surge value: 7, Surges/day: 6/7 Speed: 6 squares
    Languages: Common, Primordial
    AP: 1, Second Wind: used

    Eldritch Strike, Spiteful Glamor, Furious Smash, Darkspiral Aura
    Battlefront Shift, Hammer and Anvil, Inspiring Word, Aid the Injured
    Lead by Example

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    OOC: @Cute-Hydra: Yes, you can go any time after the monsters.

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    We're going up then?! Gil tries to get a handle on the situation, still not sure what was happening.

    full turn coming in a few hours.
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    Karma's twinkling green eyes keenly picked out his target attempting to hide,

    "Your attempt to hide is useless skum, tremble for your infernal powers are USELESS" Karma blasts the hiding ghoul with the full strength of his mind!


    Move to Q9
    Roll Lookup +6 25will
    Dishearten= Roll Lookup 5 damage.

    OOC: I have passive perception of 14 against his stealth of 13, he's in line of sight, so I am thinking that means I can see him?
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    see below for retcon, target was already dead.

    Gil slowly approaches the cave fisher spiker, clicking and ticking with his mouth. He makes strange movements with his fingers and arms, slowly stepping into arms-length of the bug. Gil stands "over" the spiker, looming with his arms raised high, stomping his feet and hissing. Keep still guys, I think I can calm it down, or at least scare it away.


    Passive Perception beats cave fisher.

    Move shift to I7

    Standard dungeoneering to calm the cave fisher spiker 15

    Minor sustain CR


    Gil Human Hybrid Wizard/Artificer Multiclass Assassin
    AC 16 Fort 14 Reflex 17 Will 14 (+1 from ranged attack 5 squares away Cloak of Distortion)
    HP 26/27 Surges 7/7 Surge value 6
    Passive Insight 17, Passive Perception 17, Normal vision
    Second Wind Not Used, AP total 0, Speed 6, Initiative +7, Languages Common, Draconic
    At-will powers; Thundering Armor, Winged Horde, Scorching Burst, Ghost Sound, Light, Prestidigitation, Mage Hand
    Encounter powers; Grasping Shadows, Shadow Step, Moonstride, Healing Infusion: Curative or Resistive, Orb Shift
    Daily powers; Caustic Rampart

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    OOC: @Cute-Hydra: Yes, you can see it, but you get a -2 to hit from where you're standing because it has partial cover. You can edit in a move action if you'd like.

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