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    [Adventure] Artemis' Pact

    "Stargazer Hill", as 7 Rabbit has dubbed it, is a moss-covered mound of stone thrusting out of the forest floor. The trees encircle it at a safe distance, too far back and too regularly to be natural. There is a tingle in the air, as if this place was once used for ancient rites and echoes of that power still linger.

    The circular opening in the treetops perfectly frames a patch of sky glittering with stars. There is no moon, no clouds, no earthly lights to dim their brilliance. The stars seem larger than usual, and seem to hang closer overhead. The air is breathlessly still, so that not the slightest movement interrupts their radiance.

    7 Rabbit stands on the hilltop, clad in a freshly laundered orange robe and an elaborately plumed mask, looking much like a pumpkin dressed up for the Feast of All Spirits. Beside him is a large clay pot which occasionally emits a wisp of greenish-blue vapour, and a stack of folded yellow robes topped with a single pure white garment.

    Rabbit idly taps his calculating rod against his thigh as he waits for the ceremony's other participants to arrive.


    Artemis Harks (FourMonos) - Level 2 Human Warlord/Warlock
    Lilli (Neil1889) - Level 1 Gnome Wizard
    Gil (CaBaNa) - Level 2 Human Wizard/Artificer/Assassin
    Shale (Someone) - Level 3 Shardmind Psion
    Karma Palminetti (Cute-Hydra) - Level 3 Human Cleric-Psion
    Farmer Bob


    I'll be running combat much like renau1g does:

    On the first round, players roll Initiative individually. Monsters roll Initiative once for all of them. Players who beat the monster's totals can go before the monsters. Then all the monsters go, then all the players go, then all the monsters go, then all the players go, etc. Within those groupings, players and monsters can post in any order. (This speeds things up greatly because we don't need to wait for a specific player to post.)

    I will reveal selected monster stats, such as defenses, the first time they come into play. So the first player to attack a certain defense won't know for sure if they hit, but after that players will be able to tell for themselves whether they hit or not. (This is a balance between keeping things mysterious and speeding up play.)

    Please post a mini stat summary after each combat turn, to keep track of your current hp, healing surges, AP and powers used. Tarkus the Crusader's is a good model.

    Would each player please post a small picture to use as a combat token.

    Other rules:

    After a fight, you may use encounter powers such as Healing Word as often as you want, but keep track of how much time this takes (you need a five minute rest after each use of the same encounter power, or after each two uses of "twice per encounter" powers such as Healing Word). Depending on circumstances you may risk meeting wandering monsters, or later encounters may get harder as defenders have more time to set up, if you wait too long...

    I'll be using the Obsidian Skill Challenge System for skill challenges instead of the one in the DMG. I'll explain how it works before the first skill challenge starts.

    If you expect to go more than 2 days without posting, please let me know and designate someone to play your character for you while you're gone.
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