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    16 thievery
    16 Init

    Ministat, will use Moonstride if an enemy moves adjacent.

    Gil Human Hybrid Wizard/Artificer Multiclass Assassin
    AC 16 Fort 14 Reflex 17 Will 14 (+1 from ranged attack 5 squares away Cloak of Distortion)
    HP 26/27 Surges 7/7 Surge value 6
    Passive Insight 17, Passive Perception 17, Normal vision
    Second Wind Not Used, AP total 1, Speed 6, Initiative +7, Languages Common, Draconic
    At-will powers; Thundering Armor, Winged Horde, Scorching Burst, Ghost Sound, Light, Prestidigitation, Mage Hand
    Encounter powers; Grasping Shadows, Shadow Step, Moonstride, Healing Infusion: Curative or Resistive, Orb Shift
    Daily powers; Caustic Rampart


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    initiative 5
    1d20+1 → [4,1] = (5) Roll Lookup

    Artemis stats
    Atremis Harks- Male Human Hybrid: Warlord/Warlock 2
    Status: quo
    Darkspiral Aura: 0
    Initiative: +1, Passive perception: 10, Passive Insight: 10
    Defenses: AC: 17, For: 17, Ref: 18, Will: 17
    HP: 28/29, Bloodied: 14, Surge value: 7, Surges/day: 7/7 Speed: 6 squares
    Languages: Common, Primordial
    AP: 1, Second Wind: unused

    Eldritch Strike, Spiteful Glamor, Furious Smash, Darkspiral Aura
    Battlefront Shift, Hammer and Anvil, Inspiring Word, Aid the Injured
    Lead by Example
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    Roll Lookup total 14

    mini stats

    Passive Insight 22 Passive Perception 14; Senses normal
    HP 30 Bloodied 15 Surge Value 7; Surges Per-Day 4/5
    AC 18 Fortitude 12 Reflex 16 Will 17

    Powers used: None
    Powers: Sacred Flame (At will)
    Force Punch (At will)
    Dishearten (At will)
    Healing Word (encounter)
    Send thoughts (encounter)
    Ravening Thoughts (Daily)
    Cause Fear (encounter)
    Telekinetic Lift (daily)

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    Shale can't see very well what's happening. When the not-so-dead corpses start moving though, his orb flashes as he prepares to defend himself.

    Shale Shardmind psion 3
    Initiative: +1, Passive perception: 11, Passive Insight: 16
    Defenses: AC: 18, For: 13, Ref: 17, Will: 17
    HP: 31/33, Bloodied: 16, Surge value: 8, Surges/day: 6/7 Speed: 6 squares
    Languages: Common, Deep Speech, Elemental
    AP: 1, Power points: 4/4, Second Wind: Used

    Static Mote, Dimensional Scramble, Betrayal
    Shard Swarm, Far Hand, Forceful Push, Intellect Fortress, Orb of mental constitution (item)
    Living Missile, Amulet of resolution (item)
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    OOC: Do we have any power that can block 1 square? I'm thinking on pushing or move another way an enemy (assuming they are medium size) to L3, O3 or S1, then block the square immediately south; that'd remove the enemy from combat for as long the blocking power lasts

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    Initiative Roll.
    Roll Lookup Total? A stunning 3!

    Reactive Stealth: If you have any cover or concealment when you make an initiative check, you can make a Stealth check to become hidden.

    Roll Lookup Total: 12. (Just in case there is any chance of her being clawed before she acts.)

    In the interest of disclosure, I had to do this twice, what with the error message that popped up first time around when I forgot a digit: Roll Lookup

    Lilli, Gnome Illusionist 1.
    Initiative: +0, Passive perception: 11, Passive Insight: 16.
    Defenses: AC: 15, For: 11, Ref: 15, Will: 15.
    HP: 22/20, Bloodied: 11. Surge value: 5, Surges/day: 6/7.
    Speed: 5 squares. Size: Small

    Languages: Eladrin, Allarian. AP: 1, Second Wind: Unused.

    Ghost Sound, Light, Prestigitation, Mage Hand.
    Orb of Deception, Illusory Ambush, Nightmare Eruption.
    Grasping Shadows, Fade Away.
    Horrid Whispers.

    OOC: I have some potential slow effects in an Encounter Power and in my Daily

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    Gil's mage hand deftly finds a secure cleft to hook the grapple into and jerks it several times to be sure it's seated properly. It seems solid.

    Now that you're on combat alert, your passive Perception is high enough to notice this: There is a scuttling movement and brief darting at the edge of your peripheral vision. When you look the movement has stopped but you can see bulky shapes that look like more than protrusions of rock, back in the cracks out of the light. You're sure that there are insects or lizards of some sort clinging to the walls in L2, L3, S0 and S1.


    Bob rolls 12: Init (Bob) (1d20+0=12)
    The ghouls roll 9: Init (ghouls) (1d20+8=9)

    So Gil, Karma and Farmer Bob get to go first (in any order). Then all the enemies go. Then everybody can go (again, in any order).

    Seeing the bodies begin to move, Farmer Bob screams and cowers back against the rock wall behind him. He gulps down the tincture in his hand and looks disappointed that, while it may taste like moonshine, it doesn't affect him in the same way. He fumbles a large kitchen knife from his belt and holds it awkwardly in front of him.

    Lilli also reflexively flattens herself against the rock spire beside her, and seems to disappear against it.


    Remember, if somebody is hidden, they can be seen if a creature's passive Perception (10 + their Perception score) beats their Stealth roll. If a creature spends a minor action to actively spot hidden, they can roll their Perception instead of using the passive value.

    NPC Actions

    Farmer Bob drinks the tincture (minor action) and gains a +1 power bonus to AC until the end of the encounter. He can end this bonus as a free action to gain 2 temp hp. He uses Total Defense (standard action), giving him another +2 to all defenses until the start of his next turn. He draws his knife (minor action).

    Unlocked Stats

    Farmer Bob: AC 1518, Fort 1315, Reflex 1113, Will 1113
    Ghouls: AC ??, Fort ??, Reflex ??, Will ??


    Artemis: 28/29 hp, 7/7 surges
    Lilli: 20/22 hp, 6/7 surges, hidden with stealth 12
    Gil: 25/26 hp, 7/7 surges
    Shale: 31/33 hp, 6/7 surges
    Karma: 30/30 hp, 4/5 surges
    Farmer Bob: 2/2 hp, 0/1 surges, +2 to all defenses until start of next turn

    Ghoul 1: 0 damage taken
    Ghoul 2: 0 damage taken
    Ghoul 3: 0 damage taken

    External Map Link

    Gil's rope is hanging down from the hole at K8.

    The two rock spires are impassible.

    The squares with triangles are difficult terrain (rubble and trash).

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    Artemis! Gil steps forward, before thinking better about his urge to rush to Artemis' aid. *Don't get in the way.* Gil nods to himself, Zed! Ware the walls, cave spiders are deadly as well! shouts the young human wizard.

    Green mists seem to seep from the stone, or maybe condense from the air itself, and they fill one of the alcoves of the cave. The coalescing droplets get larger, turning the stone to a gooey mud puddle.

    Never breaking his spell-stream, the young wizard crescendos vehemently and the shadows themselves quaver at the sound. Gil focuses his willpower on the ghoul furthest away, unleashing the illusory spell with fervor, inflicting the zed with lacerating blackness. The shadows spread from the ragged zed, afflicting the nearby ghoul, and any other creature unfortunate enough to wander too close to them.

    Gil's face contorts with concentration, only distracted by the mage hand signaling "all good" on the escape rope. Gil points from the grapple, to the base of a nearby rock spire, and the mage hand sets to work immediately. The hand ties the rope securely around the base of the rock spire, creating a taught climbing assistant for Gil and his fellow ritualists.

    Bob, you any good at climbing?!


    Move shift to K7

    AP Standard Action
    Caustic Rampart, area wall 5 within 10, 2 squares high at L3, one square high at L4, L5, M5.
    Dante Mephisto Gilgamesh conjures a wall of acidic fumes. The wall can be up to 2 squares high and must rest on a solid surface, and it lasts until the end of Dante Mephisto Gilgamesh's next turn. The wall is difficult terrain and it's squares are lightly obscured. Any creature that starts it's turn within the wall or adjacent to it takes acid damage equal to 1d6+6 acid damage.

    (L2, L3, and N6 will be affected this turn.)

    Sustain Minor: The wall persists.

    Standard Action
    Grasping Shadows, area burst 1 centered on O6
    CRIT 28 vs will, Ghoul 1, 14 psychic damage, and an additional 6 psychic in crit dice.
    22 vs will, Ghoul 2, 8 psychic damage
    target is slowed until the end of Dante Mephisto Gilgamesh's next turn
    Shadows writhe in the designated area and continue until the end of Dante Mephisto Gilgamesh's next turn. Any creature that enters the area of the grasping shadows takes 5 psychic and is slowed until the end of Dante Mephisto Gilgamesh's next turn

    Minor sustain mage hand, begin securing rope to rock spire.
    24 Thievery

    Roll Lookup

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    OOC: Since that was pretty complex, here's an updated map.

    Should I drop the maps to about 2/3 the size? I like having them nice and big so I don't have to strain my eyes, but I could see how they might be annoying.

    External Map Link


    The green is the Caustic Rampart. Grey is Grasping Shadows. Yellow is the rope.

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    OOC: Grasping shadows should probably be noted, it isn't friendly, and lasts te Gil's nt. Also, that wall affects adjacent squares, and isn't friendly.

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