This pdf is 9 pages long, 1 page SRD.

This pdf starts by explaining how to read the stat-blocks of the drugs. The drugs are presented both with two names (one formal, one slang Ė nice touch), a description, the Drug DC, primary effect, secondary effect, addiction (effects of being addicted, mixed bag bonuses), withdrawal effects, Cure and price.

Formatting is nice, but I found an editing mistake: The dust of visions is called dust of shadows in the descriptive text. In the Paranoia Powder, the skill ďNoticeĒ is mentioned, which should read perception.

Any of you who have read some of my reviews should know that these blunders usually are enough for me to not write a very favorable review.
I donít want to spoil the content for you, suffice to say that there actually is a drug herein, that extends oneís life for the price of being haunted by the victims of the drugs creation Ė imaginative, far-out, supremely cool.

This one is different: From a mundane, every-manís drug to really far-out drugs, this installment of the 2-Dozen-series actually is all killer, no filler. I liked each and every drug, some of them are great plot-devices and benefits and withdrawal are nicely balanced, making sure that taking drugs might actually become an option PCs might consider. Plus: The file is cheap. Due to the unnecessary editing problems, Iíll rate this file 4 stars.