D&D / RPG News for Tuesday, 1 March, 2011
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    D&D / RPG News for Tuesday, 1 March, 2011

    March & Beyond

    This month's official preview article by WotC's Bart Carroll takes a sneak peek at:
    • Heroes of Shadow (April) - including new adventuring gear, magic items, and the Black Hound paragon path.
    • Sword of the Gods (April)
    • The Shadowfell: Gloomwrought & Beyond (May) - including Golems and the Lost Company encounter.
    • Monster Vault: Threats to Nentir Vale (June)
    War of the Burning Sky #10: Sleep, Ye Cursed Child

    The 10th adventure in the 12-part WotBS campaign saga is now available for EN World subscribers in both 4E and 3.5 versions. This adventure is by acclaimed author Wolfgang Baur.
    Armies march, the clouds roar with fire, and deep in the shadows of the earth, nightmares craft the world's annihilation.

    The trillith, born from the dreams of the imprisoned dragon Trilla, have manipulated events in the war since its beginning, crafting the opportunity to fulfill their great desire: to unmake the bonds of the world, freeing themselves from the shackles of corporeal flesh.

    Though nations still wage battle on the surface, if the trillith, hidden far beyond the reach of the mightiest army, are not stopped, all will die to their plan. But in Trilla lies hope, for if the heroes can free her from her cursed sleep, she holds the key to restore the Torch of the Burning Sky, whose power will decide the destiny of the war.

    A fantasy adventure for Level 25-26 (<ACRONYM title="D&D 4th Edition">4E</ACRONYM>) / 17th-20th level (3.5E) characters. <!-- google_ad_section_end -->
    Ten down, just two to go before the War of the Burning Sky reaches its epic conclusion! You can grab your subscription right here for just $3 per month!

    In Other News...

    • Interview with Monte Cook Malhavoc Press' Monte Cook discusses the ENnies, his career, and more.
    • Strained and Battered Adventurers Add to your games a level of battered tension in a characterís health and recovery with new rules that provide a noticeable in-game impact to a brutal day of action. Built upon the concepts of 4e this supplement introduces new dimensions of grittiness and old school-ish knife-edge play while avoiding rendering the PCs completely incapable or overly cautious and all without bogging down the game with added complexity.
    • Wealdland Gazetteer Preview #3: Beyond the Wealdland For the third preview of the Wealdland Gazetteer, CLockwork Gnome takes a look at the world outside of the Viridian Prince's domain.
    • Royal Feat Some of the difficulties of the Leadership feat, and ways to overcome them and make Leadership a fun and important part of your game.
    • Amethyst Evolution Cover Now everyone can feast their eyes on the finally released Amethyst Evolution cover.
    • Why are most gamers in the U.S. white and male? Gnome Stew asks an open question to the gaming community.
    • NeoExodus Chronicles: Psionic Cavian A race of humanoid rodents noted for their incredible psionic abilities. All Cavians have innate mental abilities, most often displayed in their hive mind ability.
    • Adventures in Leadership This week's Grave Plots features adventure ideas and plot hooks which cast your players in roles of leadership, giving them the chance to create and manage a society.
    • Win a Free Trip to Gencon 2011 Courtesy of synDCon II and Iron GM. Participate in the Iron GM Regional Semifinals at synDCon II for a chance to win a free trip to Gencon 2011, and an entry into the Iron GM finals with a Grand Prize worth $5000 in game products.
    • It's the rumbling colossus that rolls its own... Its own minions, that is-- from the battlefield scrap comes a golem sure to bring a few war machines of its own design: the Centurion.
    • GMing Bootcamp Crazy Squirrel Game Store owner Scott Martin talks about running D&D Encounters in his store, and how excellent it is as "GMing bootcamp."
    New WotBS - Online Computer Game Preview Art

    If you take a peak at the WotBS - Online Facebook page, you'll see a few new pieces of preview art (which you might also find useful if you're running the tabletop adventure path).

    The refugee camp at Seaquen. Members of the Resistance against Ragesia are scattered all over the known world, but the coastal town of Seaquen provides the most protection to the more prominent rebels trying to evade the vigilant Scourge.
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