[LPF] The Old Alchemist

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    [LPF] The Old Alchemist

    WoW my fourth adventure for the LPF. Been great going for our first year so I know this here will be a great adventure also.

    It is adapated from a Pathfinder Scenario called "Skeleton Moon" which was retired as it was 3.5 and not PF. I have given it the HM touch(which means the names are the same and everything else is different) and think it is ready for a group to try and tackle.

    Judge: Aldern Foxglove
    DM: HolyMan
    Running Time: March 2nd - May 30th 2011 (90 days)
    DMCs: 6.3

    Cast of Characters:

    Le Jubb played by Cyansylph
    Muzdum Blackrock played by Voda Vosa
    Krad played by Animal
    Anna Belacqua played by toasterferret
    Therella Woodsoul played by Songdragon


    Encounter 1 (baby cockatrices): CR2 120 xp each
    Momma Cockatrice: CR3 160 xp each
    Acolytes of Andrax: CR1 80 xp each
    RP/Skill Challenge: CR1 80 xp each
    Swinging Log trap: CR1 100 xp each
    Last fight: CR3 200 xp each


    Encounter GP:
    baby cockatrices CR2: 200 gp each
    Momma Cockatrice CR3: 240 gp each
    Acolytes CR1: 80 gp each
    Skill Challenge CR1: 80 gp each
    Swing log trap CR1: 100 gp each*
    Last fight CR3: 300 gp each*

    *group went down to 4 from 5 PCs for these encounters

    Time GP**:
    LvL 1 - March 2nd to May 24th (84 days @ 6 GP each = 504 gp each)
    LvL 2 - MAy 25th - May 30th (6 days @ 11 GP each = 66 gp each)

    ** Not Time GP for Cyansylph (see below)

    Cyansylph Time GP:

    LvL 1 - March 2nd to May 2nd (62 days @ 6 GP each = 372 GP)

    Let's get started...
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