D&D / RPG News for Friday, 4 March, 2011

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    D&D / RPG News for Friday, 4 March, 2011

    SANTIAGO Previews

    A couple of new previews for SANTIAGO: A MYTH OF THE FAR FUTURE, the D&D 4E adventure path coming from EN Publishing later this year.

    First is ManMountain Bates, the largest man in the galaxy - and with a temper to match. Black Orpheus tried to set up a match between Bates and Skullcracker Murchison, the unofficial heavyweight champion of the Inner Frontier, but when Murchison looked up ManMountain Bates he decided he wanted no part of it.

    Second, we have a new art piece:

    In Other News...

    • Horns of Valhalla Detailed write-up of the standard version of this iconic magic item and offers five variants (including full stat blocks of all the warriors and creatures called forth) as well as suggestions for other variant horns, rules for adding additional powers to the horns and more.
    • Purple Duck Games releases Legendary Items Unlock thirteen wondrous item's true potential today and take your game, character and wondrous items to the next level.
    • Fiasco Companion Fiasco designer Jason Moriningstar spills the beans about the upcoming Fiasco Companion in this Gnome Stew interview.
    • Fey Folio Fey Folio: Clans of the Fey and Creepy Creatures: Bestiary of the Bizarre for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is now in PRINT andavailable for sale at RPGnow.com.
    • Feats of Leadership This week's From the Workshop provides a number of feats designed specifically to modify and enhance the benefits from the Leadership feat, allowing a character to really specialize in leading armies.
    • More Encounter Codex at KQ Bringing the ready bones of an encounter-- you supply the system stats. The Encounter Codex offers ready made and interesting scenes for your next session.
    • A Sneak Peek at the Midgard Project Wondering how the Midgard Patronage Project is progressing? Curious about what's been designed? Check out the Order of Septime Lances, a cavalier order.
    • Pathways #1 free E-Zine Rite Publishing has released a free e-zine promoting pathfinder roleplaying game compatible products in this issue there is a new monster template, new feats, new domain and sub-domain powers, an interview with over 11 publishers including Wolfgang Baur and Owen K. C. Stephens along with a Top 10 of 2010.
    • Monster of NeoExodus: Caliban now available Two new monsters the Caliban, Caliban Headtaker and rules for creating Caliban as characters, Five Caliban feats including Consume Heart and Filthy Beast, and more.
    • Commander Paragon Path This week's Foursaken Feature provides the commander paragon path, a paragon path for leaders of any type, which focuses on whipping your allies up into a terrifying fighting force.
    • Michael Jackson would be thrilled! Undead: Grave Threats from SGGSuper Genius Games brings you the latest in their Cardstock Miniatures line--Undead: Grave Threats. Over five dozen unique designs, from the giant allip to the urban zombie, with incredible art from M. Newell Curlee and Jacob E. Blackmon. An instant minis collection--print as many as you need to strike terror into the hearts of your players!

    • Capable Cohorts Four pre-made cohorts designed to be useful for those of you with the leadership feat. Included are a healer, a tracker, a bodyguard, and a swordswoman.

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