This pdf is 6 pages long, 1 page of SRD, leaving 5 pages of content.

This pdf contains new plants for your PFRPG game, which I consider a good idea - after all, details like magical plants are what makes e.g. Sapkowski's Witcher books so immersive.
Rule-wise, they come with a survival DC to find them, a preparation DC to refine them if applicable, a size and weight as well as a cost value for one dose. Overdosing should be considered a mild poisoning by ad-hoc rule of the DM.

The pdf features a little table summing up all the hard stats of the plants for ease of reference. The plants and their benefits are all quite cool, their fluff is nice and I can see them being added to almost any fantasy world without any problems at all, even low-magic dark fantasy scenarios.

Unfortunately, I found 3 formatting/editing glitches: Two of the plants (Rielch and Velas), while having a bold header, don't feature the standard block-writing the other plants have and the header of the ToC says diseases instead of plants.

The file is cheap though.

Conclusion: I like the idea, I like the execution, I still think the editing and formatting glitches are unnecessary and blemish an otherwise fine purchase. I still think we could you a whole book of plants like that for all the alchemists and herbalists out there and here's to hoping we'll someday get one. Due to the low price, I'll settle for 4 stars.