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    Insight's "Isle of Dread" Conversion - OOC




    [/drumroll] [crash cymbal]



    Yes, I am making yet another plunge into running a 4th edition game on these boards. I get these inspirations sometimes and just can't help myself.

    This is a conversion of the original X-1: "THE ISLE OF DREAD" module, released in 1980 for the D&D "Expert" set. Isle of Dread was one of the first adventures I ever played and probably the first I ever ran. So, this is a bit of a nostalgia kick for me.

    But this is NOT all about nostalgia. I want to run a GAME and I want to convert this for 4th edition. Looking over the module, this doesn't appear to be too daunting a task. There's also a very good chance I'll tweaking things a bit and perhaps adding in some elements of my own.

    What I Need from Prospective Players:
    If you are interested in this idea, please post below with the following:

    1. Whether or not you ever played the original module (not a deterrent if you have).
    2. Your experience with 4th edition (not a BIG deterrent if you haven't)
    3. What Race and Class you'd be interested in playing (see character creation, below).

    Character Creation:
    This module is set in the "Known World" aka Mystara, which is a very basic sword and sorcery sort of setting. There are no Warforged or Genasi or Kalashtar or Bladelings. Some Classes may also be prohibited (despite me liking the oddball Classes from time to time) based on this theme. At this time, no classes with the Psionic or Shadow power sources. The rest are open to debate.

    Characters will be 6th level. I have access to the Compendium and the online Character Builder, so pretty much anything feat-wise and item-wise from those sources is going to be allowed. I am also allowing Backgrounds as long as said Background fits into this generic, heroic, sword-and-sorcery theme. All characters should be Unaligned, Good, or Lawful Good. You will have items and wealth appropriate to a 6th level character.

    Keep in mind that the "Isle of Dread" is mostly an outdoor adventure. This does not mean there will be ZERO dungeon crawling, but assume that indoor encounters will be no more than 25% of the total.

    I do NOT have a set number of players or a specific party composition in mind at this time. I'll put together whatever "feels right".

    PLEASE NOTE: I am not looking for full characters at this time. I'd like to put the party together with just race and class. Once the party makeup is announced, you are free to post your built character (you can build it whenever you want; I just don't want long posts cluttering this thread for now).

    NEW: Recruitment for this game is closed.
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