Are Nick Logue's Promises of Refunds Empty?
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    Are Nick Logue's Promises of Refunds Empty?

    Nick Logue has been promising that any customer that wanted a refund for pre-orders of Razor Coast or Ebon Shroud (or any of his other promised, but non-existent titles) would get their money back.

    I'm calling him out.

    I contacted Nick by e-mail at multiple times since March 6th to obtain a refund for Ebon Shroud. There's been no refund, or even any acknowledgment from him that he was working on the problem (for nearly three weeks). I have made 4 separate follow-up attempts to contact him about this matter.

    Here's what Nick had to say on the Paizo boards on March 7th:
    Nicolas Logue wrote:
    Those concerned about refunds - just email me at and I'll process those for you as quickly as possible - I'm slowly slogging my way through them all, but its a load of looking up order histories so its taking longer than I would have liked. Sorry for the delays on the repays! Shoot me an email and I will sort you all out! No refund left behind! Nick
    As a result of Nick's lack of response, I'd decided to also ask for a refund on Razor Coast (I e-mailed him on 3/22). It's only been three days but, of course, there has also been no response.

    I understand that that there's a lot involved in producing a quality gaming product. I can understand how, even with the best of intentions, some products would just never materialize.

    However, Nick accepted money for these non-existent products. Also, the work involved in issuing a refund would seem to be a lot less daunting than publishing one of these titles.

    I can accept an endless stream of excuses as to why a product couldn't be completed, but why can't a refund be completed? Just how much slogging and looking up order histories is really involved? I was able to find all of the relevant e-mails from Sinister Adventures from 08/30/09 with about 6 seconds of "slogging" on my part. I even quoted the body of those e-mails in my messages to Nick.

    So, Nick, where's my money?

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    I paid $22 for the Anarchist Gamemaster's Cookbook in January 2010.

    I try to agree with you. I really really should agree with you.

    But then I think about the fact that I laid out cash in advance for a book called the Anarchist Gamemaster's Cookbook. And it is just about $22 funny.

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    The whole thing has been a fiasco.

    The Sinister Adventures website has been down since March first (and is still down).

    To the OP, in that same Paizo thread, some have reportedly gotten refunds (course I can't say I I didn't order the other products beyond RC).

    You might post a link to your post on the Paizo thread as I really doubt that Nick reads these forums (since he didn't even read his own forums on his own site that he has now let lapse).

    If I were you I'd also email him the content of your post and a link to here and the Paizo thread.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, Aberzanzorax. Appreciated.

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    In the UK the small claims court procedure for debt recovery is cheap, quick and efficient, BTW.

    Just saying.

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    I've heard that sentiment somewhere before....

    "No one who comes to these courts asking for justice should come in vain. He must, of course, come in good faith. The right to come here is not confined to Englishmen. It extends to any friendly foreigner. He can seek the aid of our courts if he desires to do so. You may call this "forum shopping" if you please, but if the forum is England it is a good place to shop in, both for quality of goods and the speed of service" - The Atlantic Star, [1973] Q.B. 364, 381f (C.A.)

    You could also try a written letter, he has an office and a phone number.
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    Some have recieved refunds, some havent. I've asked for refunds for all preorders(3 products) and havent gotten them yet.

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    Damn, I was looking forward to these - he does some very nice, very dark, material.

    The Auld Grump

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAuldGrump View Post
    Damn, I was looking forward to these - he does some very nice, very dark, material.

    The Auld Grump
    It sounds like he has produced his darkest material yet...


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    Quote Originally Posted by heymitch View Post
    I'm calling him out.
    Nick Logue's stat block clearly states the his is immune to Calling Out.


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