SANTIAGO Preview: The Angel

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    SANTIAGO Preview: The Angel

    They call him the Angel, the Angel of Death,
    If ever you've seen him, you've drawn your last breath.
    He's got cold lifeless eyes, he's got brains, he's got skill,
    He's got weapons galore, and a yearning to kill.

    - From the Ballad of Black Orpheus.

    Nobody knew his true name, or even how he came to be called the Angel. Nobody knew why he chose to work the Outer Frontier, out on the Galactic Rim, when there were so many more worlds within the Democracy where he could ply his bloody trade. But there was one thing everybody knew: once the Angel chose his quarry, that quarry's days were numbered.

    SANTIAGO: A MYTH OF THE FAR FUTURE is an adventure path for D&D 4th Edition, coming later this year from EN Publishing.

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