RPG News for Tuesday, 5 April, 2011

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    RPG News for Tuesday, 5 April, 2011

    Daggerford: Fighter Preview

    Check out this video preview of the Fighter from the Daggerford D&D computer game.


    In Other News...

    • Torag the Crusher What do you get when you cross a red dragon, an orc, and an ogre? Your PCs are about to find out, as Torag the Crusher, a hulking brute whose ugliness is matched only by his temper has been ravaging the countryside. Will they be able to bring the beast down, or will his monstrous heritage prove too much for them? Find out in this week's Masters and Minions.
    • Thundarr the Barbarian in Raiders of the Abyss‏ The RPG Examiner stats up the evil mounts of raiders who feed off the youth of their captives.
    • Untold Character Creator App The Untold Character Creator App (previously known as the QRC App) has launched and is now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices! You can get it right now for $1.99.
    • Two-Headed Tales This week's Grave Plots features adventures revolving around everyone's favorite two-headed giant: the ettin.
    Silver 4-Month Subscription Option

    Since we get asked about it frequently, we've added a 4-month subscription option for the EN World Silver Subscription. This comes in at $19.99 (instead of the normal $5.99 per month). The Silver Subscription offers ALL the beneits of the Copper subscription, plus:
    • The ZEITGEIST adventure path, coming Spring 2011!
    • The SANTIAGO: A MYTH OF THE FAR FUTURE sci-fi adventure path, coming later in 2011!
    • even higher reputation (Experience Points) power (5 points instead of 3)
    • images in your forum signature
    As a reminder, the $3 Copper subscription (included in the Silver subscription) gives you:
    • Turn off ads and sidebars
    • regular Exclusive EN World Subscriber Content, including supplements for D&D 4E, 3.5 and Pathfinder, fiction, floorplans and props
    • the entire War of the Burning Sky campaign saga for D&D 4E and for D&D 3.5 (twelve adventures released roughly bi-monthly)
    • access to the Search function (and related functions such as New Posts and Gamers Seeking Gamers)
    • a larger Private Message inbox, a Custom Usertitle and Avatar, and increased reputation (Experience Points) power (3 points instead of 1)
    • VIRTUAL FORUMS (NEW!) - subscribers can now customize their EN World experience to an unprecendented degree!
      • Click on a thread prefix to see ALL threads with that prefix
      • Save your favourite prefixes in a handy menu to access all threads on the subjects which interest you
      • Want to see all the Mutants & Masterminds, Hackmaster, or World of Darkness threads? Or all the Cartography, Video Games, or DDI Character Builder threads? Save virtual forums from dozens of subjects!
    Plus, off course, you get the fuzzy feelgood factor of knowing you're helping keep this place around for years to come!


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    I think you meant to post Daggerdale, not Daggerford.

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