Sinking Ever Deeper [OOC]
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    Sinking Ever Deeper [OOC]

    The man who delivered the note sits at a table and fusses over his surroundings. He nervously adjusts the forks and knives around the plates sitting in front of him. You notice that despite being there for a time, he hasn't called for any food or drink. From his entrance and the look on his face you could guess that he has no intention of putting anything in this establishment near his mouth.
    As you enter he passes a critical eye over you. After a moment of scrutiny he waves you towards one of the five other seats around the table. Once the last straggler has arrived he rises smoothly to his feet to address you. His voice is rich and cultured sounding. "I am Visil Boregart, paramount of my masters private estates. One of his recent acquisitions is the former mansion of Lord Ilusti of the House of Masters." He pauses a for a brief moment as if to see if that name had any meaning to you. At your blank expressions he grimaces slightly and moves on. ""Our recent renovations of the structure have uncovered a number of objects we need removed from the premises as soon as possible so that work can continue. As Paramount I dislike reliance on the Labor guilds, and do not trust the caliber of character of the dockhands and other men for hire. My inquiries among my contacts at the Land Owners guilds revealed that a number of men were hired from this establishment to satisfactory ends. I am hoping to repeat their success and will pay handsomely upon its completion."

    He removes a small stack of papers from inside his suitcoat and sets them before you. They appear to be contracts drawn up by a barrister. They indicate that you are employed directly to a one Visil Boregart for a term no longer than 24 hours for the purpose of removing an unspecified number of unspecified objects from an estate in the Roses District. While most of the text is so full of legalese that you can barely follow all the binding rules, you do note that buried in it is a paragraph designed to silence the undersigned from discussing any part of the job after it is done.

    Know. Local DC12 or Nobility/History DC14

    You recall hearing of Lord Ilusti once. He was a former Guild Master of the Smiths guild. Like many men of power he had his vices and one of them led to his disgrace and removal from the guild. He had a great appetite for gambling and racked up quite a debt over the years. Eventually he had to sell off all of his estates to pay what he owed. It was said that he still owed money to some unscrupulous folks before he disappeared.

    OOC - Rules

    I'm recruiting 5 1st level PC's for a short adventure in the city. Please link to your character pages on the LPW Wiki when you introduce yourselves. Despite what his note said about "strong backs", I'm looking for any characters that are interested. Once we have 5 characters (And a second judge approval for the adventure) I'll start the Game thread.

    I'd like to try some things a little differently for combat. At the start of an encounter I will roll a party initiative using the average of everyone's initiative vs the NPC's average. The order that you post in is the initiative order for that round. I'm hoping to eliminate any waiting on other players actions or having to edit posts because the person ahead of you did something that changes what you would do. I've never tried it before but from my other experiences I think this might work out well.

    Any players that haven't posts after a few days I will either give them an action or have them aid another that round. I'm somewhat slow posting, usually 2-3 days between updates so you should have plenty of time for your own actions once we get rolling.

    Other than that, good luck!you'll need it...
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