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    Block pathfinderq1

    Brenn stood as soon as the sunrod lit up, moving lightly on the incline of the roof. He fired an arrow into the trees above the western wolf-creature, then slipped back into the darkness beside the sorceror.


    >Move: stand up
    >Minor: activate Aspect of Dancing Serpent (stance)
    >Standard: Clever Shot RBA against Stalker, 1d20+16 vs. AC= ; rolls Roll Lookup (including Dancing Serpent bonus)
    >End of round, free: shift to AB 12, inside Dorn's darkness effect

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    GM: Iron Sky: In O17 a chicken would be in the wolf's square. Since you can attack using the chicken's square, I put it you at O16. When you move please let me know where Sir ExSixTen moves since the chicken's move with him.

    The chickens who think they are dragons flap about, clawing at the huge wolf with their razor tipped talons. The wolf bites at the warforged, but part of its jaw clamps down on a fluttering chicken, lessening the blow.

    The other wolf charges Andras, teeth sinking into his flesh. The albino wolf then runs to the south window and starts ripping off the boards covering it with its huge jaws. Slowed, the wolf-like creature in the west struggles to get to its prey.

    GM: PCs are up!


    Dire Wolf Omega #1 (north)
    Standard:Maul: two MBAs vs Sir ExSixTen
    16 vs Ac miss, 27 vs AC hit for 16-3=12 damage.

    Dire Wolf Omega #2 (south)
    Move:Standard: Charge Andras 30 vs AC 12 damage

    Dire Wolf Alpha:
    Move to AD14
    Standard: Bites the window 26 vs AC hits for 15-10=5 damage.

    Stalker in the Dark:
    Double move to T6


    Stalker in the Dark (west wolf creature)
    HP: 257/286 slowed EONT
    AC:24 Fort:24 Ref:24 Will:24

    Dire Wolf Alpha (south wolf)
    HP: 234/234
    AC:25 Fort:24 Ref:23 Will:22

    Dire Wolf Omega (North #1 & East #2)
    #1: HP: 124/179 marked EONT
    #2: HP: 179/179
    AC:25 Fort:25 Ref:22 Will:23

    Quagmire: 15+56
    Dorn:5+62/62 Dorn's square and all adjacent squares are heavily obscured
    Sir Exsixten: 61/69 DR3
    Chicken Champions of the Order of the Red Plus

    Sir ExSixTen can make attacks as if he were in any of the chicken's squares.

    The chicken's move with him.

    They grant him DR3 since their armored bodies are fluttering about.

    The chickens have an aura 1 that does 1d6+6 damage to any creature who ends its turn in it. (does not mark)

    Extra attacks for Sir ExSixTen:
    Combined Attack of the Lords of Awesome.
    Standard Action: Sir ExSixTen makes a MBA, Chickens then make an attack against the same or different target(+12 vs AC, 1d6+6 damage and marks EONT).

    Breath of Great Justice
    Standard Action: Sir ExSixTen command his fowl army to breath a cloud of acid for honor and glory!
    Close blast 5, +12 vs ref, 2d8+6 acid damage.
    Special: May be used as a minor action 1/encounter.


    Yellow i circle:Caltrops Slow StartONT, Perception 25 to spot
    Black Square: Pit trap: Perception 25 to spot
    Difficult Terrain: Fence, barricades (yellowish circular things), Roof


    (note: I boosted the base stats of the doors/windows)

    Door & Windows are marked by yellow i symbol.

    Door: HP 20/20 AC 25 DR 10

    North Window: HP 20/20 AC 25 DR 10

    South Window: HP 15/20 AC 25 DR 10
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    Minor: -
    Move: -
    Standard: Brash Strike: 1d20+14+2(CA)=26 vs AC, hit, 1d12+12=19 damage, Sir Exsixten gains 4 THP, the wolf is marked TenT, and Sir Exsixten grants CA to the wolf TenT.
    Start of Wolf's Turn: Chickens do 1d6+6=10 damage.
    Immediate Interrupt: Sir Exsixten makes an MBA against any adjacent creature he has marked if it shifts or makes an attack that doesn't include him.

    Sir Exsixten's Statblock
    Sir Exsixten, Male Warforged Fighter 6
    Passive Perception: 15, Passive Insight: 15
    AC: 24, Fort:21, Reflex:18, Will:18 -- Speed:5
    HP:4+61/69, Bloodied:34, Surge Value:17, Surges left:13/13
    Initiative +4, Action Points: 1
    Powers: Crushing Surge, Brash Strike, Combat Challenge, Hack and Hew, Sweeping Blow, Daring Shot, Warforged Resolve, Second Wind, Villain's Menace, Rain of Steel, Boundless Endurance
    Items: Potion of Healing x 2, Potion of Resistance x 1, Amulet of Resistance, Dwarven Thrower

    MBA/RBA: +12(+14 OA) vs. AC, 1d12+8 damage and enemy movement is stopped(OA) and Sir Exsixten gains 4 temporary hitpoints.
    Notes: *Sir Exsixten gains 5 THP whenever he spends a healing surge. *Sir Exsixten rerolls the first 1 on any damage roll. *Sir Exsixten does +2 damage while he has any temporary hitpoints. *Sir Exsixten does +2 damage vs bloodied enemies.

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    Block Dekana

    Jax stabs at the large wolf's paws, but he hits only air. He draws back looking dejected, almost contemplating retreat.
    No... no! What would the dragon-birds think of me! Once again, the superbeing chickens inspire Jax to greater heights. He brashly renews his assault on the wolf and scores 3 hits in a flurry of attacks. The wolf teeters, but Jax doesn't finish it off. Instead, he steps back and watches as the chickens pounce on his target in a frenzy of sharp beaks and feathers.

    OOC: 1 wolf down.

    Jax stat block / actions
    I'm going to assume that Jax can get flanking through the chickens' squares since Sir Exsixten can attack through them. But let me know if that's wrong and I'll use Perfect Feint first to get CA.

    Minor: Low Slash vs DWΩ #1 misses Reflex 1. (1d20+16+3=20)

    Standard: Piercing Strike vs DWΩ #1 CRITS for 49 damage. (1d20+16+3=39; [1d4+11+1+2d8+4]=36;Crit: 2d12=13)

    Free: Press the Advantage vs DWΩ #1 hits AC 25 for 21 damage. (1d20+16+3=25;2d4+11+1+2=21)

    AP-Standard: Piercing Strike vs DWΩ #1 hits Reflex 23 for 38 damage. The second sneak attack comes from the Slaying Action feat. (1d20+16+3=23;1d4+11+1+2=17;2d8+4=19)

    PC:Jax (Dekana) - L4W Wiki- Male Kobold Rogue 8
    Passive Perception: 21, Passive Insight: 20
    AC:24, Fort:20, Reflex:24, Will:17, Resist 5 cold, 5 necrotic, Speed:6, 7 while not bloodied
    HP:63/63, Bloodied:31, Surge Value:15, Surges left:9/9
    Initiative +9
    Action Points: 0 (encounter)


    Shifty, Clever Strike, Piercing Strike
    Imperiling Strike, Low Slash, Perfect Feint, Second Wind, Sly Lunge, Sneak in the Attack
    Rat Form, Raven Cloak, Mocking Strike, Press the Advantage

    Combat notes: +1 damage with CA; +2 damage vs bloodied targets
    Last edited by Dekana; Friday, 15th July, 2011 at 01:48 PM.

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    ooc: Jax can shift four squares after spending that action point, if he'd like.

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    Block Dekana

    OOC: Warlord bonuses! Jax shifts to R18. Thanks THB.

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    Block covaithe

    Quagmire wades into the fray at Andras' side. "This one next!" he bellows, striking a meaty blow with his sword.

    Move: W14.
    Standard: Warlord's strike vs Omega2: 29 vs. AC for 18 dmg hits, and allies gain +5 to damage rolls against it until end of my next turn.

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    Dorn steps to the top of the house where he has a clear view of all the wolves, his shroud trailing behind him (Move 2 squares north. Sustain Shroud.) He reaches out with his mind and blasts two of the wolves with psychic pain. They are sent flying across the ground.(Bedevilling Burst hits Omega 2 and Alpha for 17 cold damage and 5 furious assault damage. omega 2 takes 5 extra damage from warlord bonus. Both are pushed 5 squares east.)

    Dorn Stat Block

    Dorn, Half-Orc Sorcerer 8
    Passive Perception 13, Passive Insight 13
    AC 23, Fort 16, Reflex 20, Will 22 (base defenses)
    HP +5 TMP 62/62 Bloodied 31 Surge Value 15, Surges 7/7
    Speed 6, Initiative +12
    Action Points: 1

    Current Effects
    Deep Shroud (sustain minor)
    Wild Soul: radiant (Resist 5 radiant and ignore first 5 radiant resistance)
    Note - Dorn uses the first d20 attack without mods for his Wild Magic boon

    Encounter Resources
    USED Bedeviling Burst
    USED Ice Dragon's Teeth
    Spark Form
    USED Furious Assault
    Stoneskin Armor
    Half-Orc Resilience
    Goblin Stompers
    Second Wind
    Use Action Point

    Daily Resources
    Ice Javelins
    Moon and the Stars
    USED Deep Shroud
    Chaotic Defense
    Luckblade Dagger
    Deathstalker Dagger

    2x potion of healing

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    The genasi groans as the wolf effortlessly bypasses his barricades. When the beast bites him, Andras tears his arm away with a growl of his own as dark sigils briefly flare on his armor.

    Andras attempts to take advantage of Quagmire's opening with a couple arrows, but the wolf's thick hide allows the creature to ignore his attacks.

    Immediate Reaction: Deathcut Armor daily power, deal 8 necrotic damage to the wolf that bit me.

    Move: Shift to U13.
    Standard: Race the Arrow vs eastern Dire Wolf. Miss.
    Action Point: Heal 8 hp, Paint the Bulls-Eye vs the same wolf. Miss!

    Andras's mini-stats
    Andras genasi Warlord 6
    Initiative: +4 | Passive perception: 18 | Passive Insight: 13
    AC: 21 | For: 20 | Ref: 18 | Will: 16
    HP: 47/51 | Bloodied: 25 | Surge value: 12 | Surges: 9/9
    Resist: 5 Fire, 5 Necrotic, 5 Poison
    Speed: 6 | Languages: Allarian, Primordial
    AP: 0 | Second Wind: not used
    Melee Basic Attack: +12 vs AC, 1d10+6 damage
    Ranged Basic Attack: +11 vs AC, 1d10+7 damage
    Powers: Paint the Bulls-Eye, Risky Shot
    Race the Arrow, Staggering Shot
    Relentless Wounding, Create Opportunity
    Firedeath, Inspiring Word (2/2), Shake It Off, Reorient the Axis
    Rebounding Longbow, Deathcut Armor, Acrobat Boots

    Skirmishing Presence:
    When an ally who can see Andras spends an Action Point to make an attack, that ally can shift four squares before or after the attack, and gets a +1 bonus to attack rolls with said attack.


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    Block pathfinderq1

    While the others continued their assault on the wolves at the front of the farmhouse, Brenn attempted to stall one of the other creatures. He fired twice- the first arrow skipped off the ground before striking the stalker in its tender muzzle, and the second shaft hit its foreleg and knocked it to the ground...


    >Standard: Disruptive shot against stalker (vs. AC), 1d20+15= 18 (miss); roll Roll Lookup

    >Elven accuracy reroll of Disruptive Shot against Stalker (vs. AC), 1d20+15= 33 (hit for 14 damage, and Stalker is Dazed, save ends); roll Roll Lookup

    >AP: Standard: Clever Shot RBA against Stalker (Includes CA and Dancing Serpent bonus; vs. AC), 1d20+18= 31 (hit for 20 damage and Stalker is knocked prone); roll Roll Lookup

    >Move: none

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