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    DM question

    Dorn would like to get off of the roof. How close to pup 1 can Dorn get in a single Move action? Will he be prone? Damage? Dorn may be willing to both fall prone and take damage to get down there...

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    GM: You could go off the X9 edge and land (remember the roof is difficult terrain). You would take 1d10 damage and fall prone. However, if you make a acrobatics check to lessen the damage (you take 1/2 the result less in damage) and take 0 damage, you do not fall prone.

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    Hop Down (from compendium)

    Just found this - does it apply here?

    Make an Acrobatics check to hop down 10 feet and land standing.

    Action: The check is usually part of a move action, but it can be part of any of the creatureĺs actions that involve the creature moving.
    DC: DC 15. The creature can make this Acrobatics check only if the drop is no more than 10 feet.
    Success: The creature hops down, lands standing, and takes no falling damage. The downward move uses no movement from the action.
    Failure: The creature falls.

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    STOP TAKING PIECES OF SIR EXSIXTEN, THOSE ARE ALL NEEDED FOR PROPER FUNCTION! Sir Exsixten booms out as one of the pups pulls his shield arm off. While he wrestles to get it back, the chickens unleash another acidic blast.

    OOC: I think Hop Down and the Reduce Fall (or whatever it's called) are trained only.

    Before Turn: Andras' Inspiring Word heals 20hp to 44hp + 5 THP.
    Move: Escape: 1d20+9(Athletics)=14, fail.
    Standard: Breath of Great Justice(Blast 5):
    *Attack 1: 1d20+12=26 Reflex vs Pup 1, hit.
    *Attack 2: 1d20+12=16 Reflex vs Stalker in Darkness, miss, marked TenT.
    *Attack 3: 1d20+12=14 Reflex vs DW Alpha, miss, marked TenT.
    *Damage: 2d8+6+2(THP)+2(bloodied)=13 damage to Pup 1, dead.
    Start of Enemy Turns: Chicken Aura: 1d6+6=8 damage to Stalker, 8 to Alpha, 7 to Pup 4 (I'm assuming I don't get the damage bonus for having THP/vs bloodied enemies for the chicken aura)
    Immediate Interrupt: Sir Exsixten makes an MBA against any adjacent creature he has marked if it shifts or makes an attack that doesn't include him.

    Status Effects: DR3, Chicken Aura, grabbed(Pup 4)

    Sir Exsixten's Statblock
    Sir Exsixten, Male Warforged Fighter 6
    Passive Perception: 15, Passive Insight: 15
    AC: 24, Fort:21, Reflex:18, Will:18 -- Speed:5
    HP:5+44/69, Bloodied:34, Surge Value:17, Surges left:12/13
    Initiative +4, Action Points:0
    Powers: Crushing Surge, Brash Strike, Combat Challenge, Hack and Hew, Sweeping Blow, Daring Shot, Warforged Resolve, Second Wind, Villain's Menace, Rain of Steel, Boundless Endurance
    Items: Potion of Healing x 2, Potion of Resistance x 1, Amulet of Resistance, Dwarven Thrower

    MBA/RBA: +12(+14 OA) vs. AC, 1d12+8 damage and enemy movement is stopped(OA) and Sir Exsixten gains 4 temporary hitpoints.
    Notes: *Sir Exsixten gains 5 THP whenever he spends a healing surge. *Sir Exsixten rerolls the first 1 on any damage roll. *Sir Exsixten does +2 damage while he has any temporary hitpoints. *Sir Exsixten does +2 damage vs bloodied enemies.
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    Reduce Falling Damage is trained only, but it appears Hop Down is not.

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    GM: You are welcome to use Hop Down

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    Post coming late this evening - guests are at my house

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    "Gotta go," Dorn mutters to Brenn. Still engulfed in darkness (sustain shroud), Dorn hops over the edge of the house. He lands poorly, shouting audibly as he sprains his leg (Hop Down fails. Dorn lands prone in V13 and takes 3 damage). Though his pride is hurt, the young half-orc still manages to conjure a wall of flame, flipping one of the wolves on its back with the force of the blast (Burning Spray hits stalker in the dark for 16 fire damage, crits dire wolf alpha for max 21 fire damage plus an additional 8 critical damage (29 total damage). Dire wolf alpha is knocked prone from class feature on critical.)

    Dorn Stat Block

    Dorn, Half-Orc Sorcerer 8
    Passive Perception 13, Passive Insight 13
    AC 23, Fort 16, Reflex 20, Will 22 (base defenses)
    HP +2 TMP 62/62 Bloodied 31 Surge Value 15, Surges 7/7
    Speed 6, Initiative +12
    Action Points: 1

    Current Effects
    Deep Shroud (sustain minor)
    +1 AC from even roll
    Wild Soul: radiant (Resist 5 radiant and ignore first 5 radiant resistance)
    Note - Dorn uses the first d20 attack without mods for his Wild Magic boon

    Encounter Resources
    USED Bedeviling Burst
    USED Ice Dragon's Teeth
    Spark Form
    USED Furious Assault
    Stoneskin Armor
    Half-Orc Resilience
    Goblin Stompers
    Second Wind
    Use Action Point

    Daily Resources
    USED Ice Javelins
    Moon and the Stars
    USED Deep Shroud
    Chaotic Defense
    Luckblade Dagger
    Deathstalker Dagger

    2x potion of healing

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    Quick on the mark as ever, Brenn unleashes three arrows in rapid succession, scoring solid hits on two of the wolves (Rapid Shot misses stalker in the dark, hits wolf pup 4 for 13 damage, and hits alpha for 12 damage).

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    GM: Just a note, I plan on handing out magic items again soon. Please make sure your wishlists are up to date, including into early paragon. I may give out early paragon items this adventure and if you are planning on any nasty feat setup that you need equipment for (Lasting Frost+Wintertouched+Frost Weapon for instance) feel free to include it

    Also, @Iron Sky would Sir ExSixTen would want an Onyx Chicken (dog) or any other summonable figurine that could be re-skinned into a chicken?
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