Interest Check: Shared creative setting
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    Interest Check: Shared creative setting

    At the moment this is just a check to see if anyone would be interested in such a game, probably morphing into recruitment and OOC if there are takers.

    The idea is for an extreme design-in-play game, where players and GM bring in elements of the setting, and the plot, as they go. Not only that, but characters can be created on the fly.

    My idea is to use Pathfinder, probably with 3 or so characters of 6th level, or equivalent. Core classes, APG classes are allowed, as is anything from pretty much any official 3.5 book. Unusual races, more than welcome. Whatever you bring to the setting is in the setting.

    I can't think how to explain it too clearly, so I'll give some examples of how it could work.

    GM: "You are waiting outside the gate to the Apothecaries Quarter and night is beginning to fall." The GM at this stage has no idea of why the PCs are there, nor what the Apothecaries Quarter actually entails.

    Player #1 "I don't think our contact from the Citadel Guard is going to show up." The player has introduced the concept that there is a Citadel with a Guard. We as yet know nothing about his character.

    Player #2 "Not to worry. Aldo is a Journeyman of the Azure Society. He's well-versed in picking locks." Player 2's character has a name and a background - sounds like the Azure Society is a thieve's guild of some kind, perhaps. Player #2 can decide that his character has some levels of Rogue, and/or ranks in Disable Device. He can assign some of his pool of unassigned skill points to Disable Device, thus defining part of his character. We're also getting the idea that the PCs want to get inside the Apothecaries Quarter and are probably not supposed to be doing so.

    And so it goes.

    Core rule is to use the "yes, and..." concept of improv. theatre - everyone has to take the ideas and roll with them. Characters should still conform to the rules, however, but this concept means that they will always (at least until completely defined) have abilities relevant to the adventure.

    There are some rough guidelines to the setting - I'm thinking of something inspired by the likes of Jack Vance's Dying Earth, or Gene Wolf's Dawn of a New Sun, or Dune - a very, very far future Earth, probably mostly set in a huge, Gothic, ancient city (overtones of Gormenghast). In tone more than anything specific. And I'm thinking of a game revolving as much around politics and skullduggery as dungeon-crawling.

    The idea is to have fun rather than be truly original, so feel free to borrow from source material.

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