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    Campaign Help

    sorry if I posted this in the wrong area if I did tell me witch location would be most proper and why that way if I run into a similar situation I know the correct place to post.

    I am planning on running my first campaign. I have played in 4 other campaign's me and my other friends just started recently taking turns running campaigns and now it is my turn. We are using version 3.5. I was wanting some advice any kind would be of help including if you think it may be to complacted for a newbie.

    Round:1 My plan was to start out the party at level 1 and slowly drag them into a conflict between two nations filed with plot deception and assassinations. The campaign starts off with high tensions and rumors of war then a prince is assassinated starting the war,first as small conflicts and growing ever larger.

    Round:2 After much bloodshed one side will emerge victorious (if the party plays their cards right a peaceful negation). How ever both sides will be the loser as the entire war will have been orchestrated by an unseen hand. A powerfull lich who has been sowing animosity amongst the two kingdoms for centuries and now his plan for domnation will soon come to fruition. As with each war thay wage his army's of the undead grow ever larger.

    The things that will make this campaign more unusual are that this lich specialised in the manufacture of constructs as well as necromancy. During his life before he made golems to sell (more accurately rent) for a living and practiced combining that with his secret for necromancy during the night. And one day the famous golem maker dissaperd.

    I was wondering if the xp cost of making constructs would be a problem for a lich.
    Also I have been working on a creature who is the best of both constructs and undead although that may be a topic for another form.

    One last thing was planning on making a room with a high level darkness spell cast with permanence. Inside the room is a teleport circle witch transports the victims into a room with a symbol of death set to go off apon a living creature entering the room. Also the room is filled with undead and constructs. Although by finding the hidden door the party can skip the teleport circle but not the room meaning if the party gets sloppy thay can still trigger it.

    Sorry for any poor spelling typing on a phone was never my speciality. I have more ideas but I do not wish to bombard you with to many things at once.

    Please give advice in any way you see fit.
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