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    Moral of the review: Let Bioware, and only Bioware, handle all future D&D themed video game releases.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ampersand999 View Post
    Moral of the review: Let Bioware, and only Bioware, handle all future D&D themed video game releases.
    Indeed, Bioware or Black Isle-which-is-now-Obsidian.

    Baldur's Gate to Icewind Dale were my favorites. Heck, I'd even play a remaster, even if it stayed 2e.
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    Having read your review and played through the entire game as a Fighter on the Xbox 360 version, they obviously did a terrible job porting this game to PC, as far as the UI & controls go. I actually had no problem running into hordes of monsters and coming out alive using nothing but potions, as well as being able to making auto-target melee the target I intended it to.

    While minions aren't one hit dead I do feel they did a good job of making them feel like minions in context to their game, as it is pretty rare to miss an attack as long as the monster is in range and with how quickly you can attack. So if they were absolutely true to D&D 4e in regards to them dieing in one hit it would make them completely worthless, especially later in the game.

    Also, only fairly early magic items are 'damaged' to maintain balance while still giving you a choice on what you find most important at the time. Like a short sword that gives -1 dmg but +1 fire damage which will help out versus monsters weak against fire damage or still allow you to do some semblance of damage versus monsters that are strong vs slashing damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ampersand999 View Post
    Moral of the review: Let Bioware, and only Bioware, handle all future D&D themed video game releases.
    Can I hear an AMEN, brothers and sisters?!?!?!

    Yea, Bioware was amazing at adapting Dungeons & Dragons to video games, and I still have fond memories of playing for hours and hours in Baldur's Gate and the Neverwinter Nights Trilogy.

    This game almost feels like Atari had a Gauntlet knock-off rotting in their R&D department, but dusted it off when they got the 4E license, stuck a few "D&Disms" in it, and voila - Daggerdale! The more I look at how old school the graphics are - which admittedly might have been due to translation from an XBox platform - the more it looks like a game from about 10-15 years ago.

    As Colmarr said, this is not what 4E fans want to see as a video game representation of their fav version of D&D.
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    I really wanted FF:Tactics style game... that to me would fit really well...too bad turn-based games are not in fashion

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    The video game resembles 4.0 as much as 4.0 resembles 3.5.


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    Really now?........

    While playing the so called Daggerdale for 1 hour(oh god i am a hero) before unistalling it the word disgusting comes to my mind .

    Truly this game is an insult to D&D how dare they even to think that this vile of black pudding is even worth playing , it is a disgrace to all veteran D&D players the fact that this abomination has been released to the gamers as an awesome D&D game from Atari is preposterous .

    What simpleton DARES to make such game of ZERO role playing crappy scenario and Diablo cloning senseless slaughter am i living in a age of IDIOCRACY now seriously Gygax died and this is the crap that some retards are selling as D&D now (not to mention 4th edition as a genocide).

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    Fair and truthful review...

    But my gut said to ignore the game, cause there was nothing jumping out to say 'play me', nothing.

    Guanlet feel, not D&D love, in it.
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    The review is fair and thoughtful, but I have been very much enjoying the game on XBox. I would have liked the dialogue to be "spoken" and for it to be a little more supportive of solo play -- it's better with multi-player -- but it is a fun game in the "D&D Heroes"/"Baldur's Gate Alliance" vein.

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    The review was pretty much dead on. I played the XBLA demo and the reviewer basically read my mind. So sad... I know not everyone can be Bioware or Blizzard, but... come on! Have some pride in what you do Atari!!
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