Adventures in the Nentir Vale--IC

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    Adventures in the Nentir Vale--IC

    I'll go ahead and start the narrative.

    OOC Thread
    Rogue's Gallery

    The Set-up
    "The companions looked furtively at each other as they paced alongside the merchant's wagon. Back in Harken Village, they had met an unusually personable and loquacious dwarf named Traevus, who had persuaded them to 'invest' 100 gold pieces each in a business venture he assured them would see 500%, 1200%, 2000% return; the profit potential seemed to grow with each new telling. He proposed to buy a wagon, fill it up with casks of the regionally popular Ironbeard Ale, and drive it to Fallcrest, which was hosting its annual fair.

    They were half a day away from Fallcrest when the goblins attacked. The threat wasn't serious, and the companions easily drove off the attackers. The dwarf, however, had something rather odd stolen from him during the battle. One of the goblins snatched an old, yellow clay pot with curious designs painted on it. The creature immediately clambered off the wagon and scampered toward a mysterious figure standing in the distance, who wore an ostentatious red cloak. Then, the oddest part of this incident occurred: Traevus the dwarf pulled a small hammer from under his cloak, took aim, and threw the hammer in a perfect arc toward the red-cloaked figure. Instead of hitting the person, however, the hammer smashed into the pot, breaking it into numerous shards. The red-cloaked figure hurriedly gathered up the shards and made his escape. He missed one piece of of the broken pot, however, which Traevus pocketed without explanation. More than one of the companions had the impression that the dwarf had actually aimed for the pot.

    Still, the prospect of the success of their 'business venture' impelled them to finish the journey to Fallcrest, where unfortunately, it was revealed that Traevus wasn't the only one with the idea of shipping ale to the fair; the glut of ale meant that the business partners barely broke even."
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    The first "real" quest

    The companions wandered around Fallcrest and its fair for a couple of days before being approached by their former "business partner", Traevus, who hustles them into a nearby, nearly-empty tavern.

    "Do you remember this?" he asks, as he pulls the out shard of clay pot and holds it up.
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    Tanglebeard bobbed his head. "I never forget anything t' do with ale. Traevus is it? What yer about then?" The fur-clad dwarf asked.

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    Traevus smiles faintly at Tanglebeard and waves the barmaid over. "Some of your finest Ironbeard Ale for my companions," he says as he motions to those sitting at the table.

    "Now, what I'm on about is a job, if you're willin'. I will pay you 100 gold--to each of you--to go back and retrieve the rest of that clay pot. It was a special order for one of the, um, merchants, here in Fallcrest, and...well, it seems he was really anxious to add that particular pot to his, er, collection." He crooks a finger and tugs at his collar as if the tavern had become stuffy. "The thing is," he continues, "you won't have much time. A few days at the most." He looks uncertainly from one to the other of the companions.
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    Grumi narrows his eyes. "Yer speakin' like someone who has somethin' ta hide. Speak yer mind, fer me father's beard! We all saw ye makin' guts out o' now where and throwing a hammer towards that strange man, but ye were aiming at that figure, didn't ye? It is more important that ye are confesin'. I might be a human, but I was raised like a dwarf, I recognize the value o' thin's." he says brooming his long and abundant beard. "if ye want us to risk our necks, the least ye can do is tell us all the truth. Otherwise ye might as well go by yerself; as it stands, the only thing we got from ye is a fight with a bunch o' goblins, and a ride to this smelly town."
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    Traevus leans back in his chair, looks around the table, then holds his hands out in supplication. "Friends, friends, I must beg your forgiveness; I mean no disrespect, no disrespect at all. I can see you gentlemen are not mere mercenaries that can simply be bought off with coin." He looks down and fiddles with his mug of ale. "The clay pot was more than it seemed, as I'm sure you have guessed." After carefully glancing around the empty room, he leans forward and speaks in a low voice. "There are things happening in the Nentir Vale; I'm not a dwarf that usually pays much attention to politics, but there is a change in how towns are being run; all sorts of new regulations and restrictions on trade, the powers that be in each town acting aloof and despotic in ways they never had before." He takes a sip of his ale. "And so, certain prominent merchants have banded together for the protection of their interests. Since their activities are considered 'extra-legal', all messages between them are confiscated and examined to detect any subversive activities. These merchants have taken to send information to each other through means other than letters. Putting a message in, or on, a clay pot, is one way they send information." He looks up at the companions again. "So, you can see why, once I realized that the goblins were after that particular clay pot, I had to destroy it. We had been discovered. I thought it enough to prevent the, well, the other side from learning what the message was. It turns out that my, er, patron, considered the message to contain vital information of some sort. And so, he tasked me to retrieve it. But I am no adventurer." He looks around at them again. "Will you help me?"
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    "And this is only worth 50gp an ear? Well, I got nothing else to do and I'm a pretty good tracker. We can keep everything we find but the other clay shards right?"
    Denaris asks, looking up from oiling and restringing his impressive crossbow. He wears a simple elven made leather armor.


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    Traevus looks at the elf for a moment before responding. "I apologize that it's so little, but it's all we can get our hands on, at the moment. Much of our capital is tied up in...certain projects. Any legally obtained treasure or equipment are, of course, yours to keep. We only need the return of the clay pot."
    At this point, an elven lady enters the room from a door behind the bar. She is tall, red-haired, and has vivid green eyes. Gazing around the room, she spots Traevus and heads toward the table. She smiles at the companions, then leans down and whispers something into Traevus' ear. He looks at her in alarm, then rises quickly. He removes a pouch from his belt and hands it over to the lady elf, then turns back to the companions.
    "I'm afraid I am needed elsewhere at the moment. That pouch contains 200 gold pieces, which I am willing to offer as an up-front payment. Cait--" here, the elf presses her hand on his shoulder and shakes her head slightly, and Traevus catches himself. "I mean...Elaine, here, will turn it over, if you decide to take the job. I understand if you decide not to. In fact, there is another adventuring party--" he looks at "Elaine" as he says this--"that's just arrived in town. We can offer the job to them, if you decide it's not in your line." He finishes his ale, bows slightly to the companions, and hurries out the back door.

    The elf looks at the companions and raises her eyebrows expectantly.

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    Before the elven lady arrives:

    Grumi grunts. He pulls down his brown hood, revealing a clear brown hair, braided in a very dwarven fashion, as is his long beard. "That's better." he approves the decision from the dwarf. "So... if we return also with the head o' that red caped bastard, I'll expect a reward." he adds, with greed shining in his eyes.


    "Of course we're takin' tha damn job." Grumi snatches the gold bag. "Tree hugger newt faces..." he goes on grumbling in low voice.
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    The lady elf gives a look of annoyance which she quickly covers with a smile. "I thank you for helping us in this matter. If and when you find the remains of the pot, you may return here to the Blue Moon Alehouse to receive the rest of your payment." She curtsies, pauses, and says, "If I might offer a suggestion; Traevus is, I think, overly fond of Ironbeard ale. This taphouse has an excellent house brew that you might enjoy." She gives them a green-eyed wink and leaves through the back door.

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