Adventures in the Nentir Vale--IC
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    Adventures in the Nentir Vale--IC

    I'll go ahead and start the narrative.

    OOC Thread
    Rogue's Gallery

    The Set-up
    "The companions looked furtively at each other as they paced alongside the merchant's wagon. Back in Harken Village, they had met an unusually personable and loquacious dwarf named Traevus, who had persuaded them to 'invest' 100 gold pieces each in a business venture he assured them would see 500%, 1200%, 2000% return; the profit potential seemed to grow with each new telling. He proposed to buy a wagon, fill it up with casks of the regionally popular Ironbeard Ale, and drive it to Fallcrest, which was hosting its annual fair.

    They were half a day away from Fallcrest when the goblins attacked. The threat wasn't serious, and the companions easily drove off the attackers. The dwarf, however, had something rather odd stolen from him during the battle. One of the goblins snatched an old, yellow clay pot with curious designs painted on it. The creature immediately clambered off the wagon and scampered toward a mysterious figure standing in the distance, who wore an ostentatious red cloak. Then, the oddest part of this incident occurred: Traevus the dwarf pulled a small hammer from under his cloak, took aim, and threw the hammer in a perfect arc toward the red-cloaked figure. Instead of hitting the person, however, the hammer smashed into the pot, breaking it into numerous shards. The red-cloaked figure hurriedly gathered up the shards and made his escape. He missed one piece of of the broken pot, however, which Traevus pocketed without explanation. More than one of the companions had the impression that the dwarf had actually aimed for the pot.

    Still, the prospect of the success of their 'business venture' impelled them to finish the journey to Fallcrest, where unfortunately, it was revealed that Traevus wasn't the only one with the idea of shipping ale to the fair; the glut of ale meant that the business partners barely broke even."
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