RPG News for Tuesday, 7 June, 2011

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    RPG News for Tuesday, 7 June, 2011

    • Favored Folios This week's From the Workshop features a number of alternate racial favored class bonuses for the lycaonite and ninja classes, available from Marchen der Daemonwulf and Way of the Ninja, respectively.
    • 101 Monster Feats With 101 Monster Feats you will find more options for all the universal monster abilities so that no encounter is just another troll or just another dragon. These feats give any creature that crawls out of the bestiary a new and refreshing flavor. Challenge even the most jaded veteran player when Rending Grab strikes him. Create a fun surprise for your master of monster lore by introducing Incorporeal Trample. Make your favorite beasts jaws truly feared with Appendage Severing.
    • A Patron's Point of View Josh Jarman, designer and patron to Open Design's Midgard project, talks about the growing third party support of Dragon AGE RPG.
    • The Bandit's Lair‏ Jonathan Roberts cartographer for Kobold Quarterly, Sunken Empires, and Coliseum Morpheuon, presents another Fantastic Map. Take your adventures into the wretched hive of scum and villany beneath the earth.
    • Dice Age - These are not your grandpappy's dice! A line of unbalanced, figurative, creative dice, and a game of strategy and risk-taking with wacky rules between "Uno" and "Magic the Gathering".
    • :coc: Non-Euclidean Designs Designer Alex Riggs discusses some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Call of Cthulhu game system from a design viewpoint.
    • CMG $1 Sale‏ Creative Mountain Games is having a $1 sale.
    • DCC RPG Beta Rules Release Wednesday, June 8‏ Get ready for the massive open playlets! The DCC RPG beta rules will be available on goodman-games.com on June 8. And then the open playtest begins, just in time for the free adventure releasing June 18 for Free RPG Day!
    • Mythos Plots Designer Joshua Zaback provides a number of plot ideas based on the Lovecraft Mythos: a collection of eldritch horros from popular fiction.
    • iCharacter Sheet For Castles & Crusades.

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    The link for the Mythos Plots article takes me to the general forum page instead of the actual article. Would it be possible to correct it?

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