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    Words of Power - Thoughts, Opinions, Play Examples

    Has anyone seen Ultimate Magic's "Words of Power" in play?

    How well did they work?

    Does it fit well with the Core spell usage?

    Is it worth sacrificing one's regular spells to learn Words of Power instead?

    What about mixing and matching as a PC levels up? For example, a Sorcerer takes "Words of Power" at level 4 and level 7--the other levels are regular Sorcerer spells. (Is this even legal?) Is that effective and/or fun?
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    From what I understand words of power functions as a replacement to normal spells. Essentially you decide at first level to use "normal" spells or the power words.

    With power words you build spells from scratch rather than learn specifc incantations. I really want to try it out in game!

    If you mix and match you classes your separate spells and power words.

    So for a Src 4(wordcaster) and Druid 4 you could cast a 2nd level power word, in addition to any 2nd level spells you had from a druid class. You coudn't combine them though.

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