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    [RCFG] Playtest

    MODS: If this is the wrong forum for this post, please move this thread and tell me where to go!

    If anyone is interested, I will run a short pbp adventure to playtest RCFG, allowing for parties of up to 6 1st level PCs. Up to three rival parties may apply.

    If you are interested, and want me to generate you a PC, or help you to generate a PC, please let me know by PM or by post.

    Long ago, a daring thief stole the Eyes of Mellythese from the Temple of the Spider Goddess in Pardusk. These eight rubies, the largest of which are the size of a large man's fist, were hidden somewhere on Romana Island, which has now long been deserted. Now, you have come to explore the island, and to seek the treasure that was lost.

    Will you succeed? Or will another get there first?

    Included is a map of the island's coast, with cliffs that tower approximately 100 feet high. A sea cave, wide enough for a boat, is indicated, as well as a beach with steps that climb the cliff.

    Get a group together, decide where you want to start, and I'll be happy to help with rules and options as you go along.

    Only the brave or the foolhardy need apply!


    NOTE: Assume that one hex on the map can be traversed by a human in 10 minutes at normal speed.

    EDIT: Pregenerated characters can be supplied if desired.

    EDIT: @fireinthedust: Allowing 61st level characters in a game that tops out at 15th level would, indeed, be a feat!
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