RPG News for Monday, 20 June, 2011

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    RPG News for Monday, 20 June, 2011

    War of the Burning Sky #12: The Beating of the Aquiline Heart

    It's with a mixture of excitement and sadness that I announce the release of the final adventure in the War of the Burning Sky adventure path. Excitement, because it is a fantastic adventure and an awesome finale; sadness because WotBS has finally come to an end and it's time to turn our back on that world and begin another.
    The final adventure in the 12-part War of the Burning Sky campaign saga is finally here! The heroes have escaped a besieged city, traversed an eternally burning forest, saved the resistance headquarters from destruction, allied the dukedoms of Dassen, penetrated the castle where Coaltongue died, pursued the assassins who slew him, recovered the Torch of the Burning Sky, rescued hundreds of imprisoned mages from an icy fortress, destroyed the Koren Obelisk, defended Gate Pass from a Ragesian invasion, saved the gold dragon Trilla from her dreamworld prison, and defeated a mile-long living airship and its traitorous creator.

    In the stunning finale to the War of the Burning Sky Campaign Saga, the heroes lead their armies on a final assault against the might of the Ragesian Empire, and cut out the heart of their foe, the tyrannical Leska.

    Companies of fiends, legions of deadly warriors, furious beasts, and titanic arcane creations defend the desolate Opaline Wastes, for in the caverns below, Supreme Inquisitor Leska crafts dark sorcery which will bind the world to eternal war.

    From the throne room of the Imperial Palace, to the ash-stained fields of war, to the ancient and accursed Heart of History, epic dangers loom against the heroes, and tens of thousands will fight and bleed and die at their side to save their many homelands, for both the end of the war and the fate of the world are tied to the beating of the Aquiline Heart.

    A fantasy adventure for characters of level 29-30 (D&D 4th Edition">4E version) or 19th-20th level characters (3.5 version).
    EN World subscribers can download it right now from the subscriber area.

    In Other News...

    • Frontier Plots In this week's Grave Plots, designer Joshua Zaback lays out the small frontier town of Earnestspring, a perfect springboard for wild adventures on the edge of civilization.
    • Bold New Campaigns Designer Alex Riggs discusses the many advantages of running a campaign set in a frontier setting in this week's Dark Designs.
    • Unearth the Lost City! Jonathan Roberts provide a sneak preview of the maps in the latest offering from Open Design and Logan Bonner. Delve beneath the sands to uncover ancient ruins and mysterious artifacts - the Lost City has been found at last!
    Dungeon of Dread Boardgame

    Wizards of the Coast has announced the December release of Dungeon of Dread board game (MSRP $34.99), a cooperative game in which players unite in battle to achieve a common goal and defeat the enemies standing in their path.

    Dungeon of Dread is designed for between 2-5 players (ages 10 and up). One player is the Dungeon Master who runs the villains and monsters, the other players are the heroes. The game includes 4 adventures, each one featuring a unique villain.

    The deluxe Dungeon of Dread board game box contains, a game board, pawns representing heroes, villains, and monsters, plus hero and villain character sheets, a deck of 100 cards, and dice.

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