[OOC] WD's Dragon Fist
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    [OOC] WD's Dragon Fist

    This is an older wuxia game by Chris Pramas (Green Ronin).

    It is a variant of AD&D 2nd, with it's quick play and randomness, but introduces also some clever mechanics and uses later edition staples, like high AC is better.

    Is there interest in a light hearted wuxia fantasy game that celebrates the stereotypes of the Hong Kong martial arts movies?


    Table of Contents
    (Download TOC - PDF 45K)
    Chapter 1: The Heavenly Kingdom
    (Download Chapter 1 - PDF 779K)

    Chapter 2: Character Creation
    (Download Chapter 2 - PDF 492K)

    Chapter 3: Martial Arts and Combat
    (Download Chapter 3 - PDF 355K)

    Chapter 4: Magic
    (Download Chapter 4 - PDF 321K)

    Chapter 5: Experience and Magic Items
    (Download Chapter 5- PDF 261K)

    Chapter 6: Gods and Monsters
    (Download Chapter 6- PDF 323K)
    Chapter 7: Campaign and Adventure
    (Download Chapter 7- PDF 146K)
    Appendix: Conversion Notes & Appendix 2: Ten Recommended Films
    (Download Appendix - PDF 150K)
    (Dragon & Phoenix is presented with page numbers following the Dragon Fist Game materials and can be placed at the end as Appendix 3)
    Dragon & Phoenix Adventure
    (Download Dragon & Phoenix PDF 440K)
    Character Sheet
    (Download the Character Sheet PDF 140K)

    Please don't read the adventure, I will maybe use it later.

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    Block Kaodi

    Might be interested. I remember downloading this way back when it was first posted, though I have never had a chance to play it.

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    Great! Let's hope for more interest

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    Block Voda Vosa

    I'm always interested in martial arts thigies and chinese things as you know, from my 4e game in which you were a player. It was a ice experience for me, although the system was not meant to play characters like that. I'm thrilled to play in a systen that takes that sort of characters as the norm, although I'll probably need help with the rules.

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    The rules are pretty easy and straight forward.

    Character concept
    Roll abilities (4d6, drop lowest, arrange as you want)
    Choose class and kit
    Increase two ability stunts
    Roll HP
    Record Equipment

    (choose thief skills / spells)

    Ok, I will start if I got at least 3 players

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    From another thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by HolyMan View Post
    Thinking about it WD but am tied down this week. If I do I want to be a fighter wielding a tetsubo two handed. Big and Brawny with earthquake attack.

    Quote Originally Posted by HolyMan View Post
    Wil have to give the rules a once over after the holiday weekend.
    Seems we will be playing

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