[OOC] WD's Dragon Fist

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    [OOC] WD's Dragon Fist

    This is an older wuxia game by Chris Pramas (Green Ronin).

    It is a variant of AD&D 2nd, with it's quick play and randomness, but introduces also some clever mechanics and uses later edition staples, like high AC is better.

    Is there interest in a light hearted wuxia fantasy game that celebrates the stereotypes of the Hong Kong martial arts movies?


    Table of Contents
    (Download TOC - PDF 45K)
    Chapter 1: The Heavenly Kingdom
    (Download Chapter 1 - PDF 779K)

    Chapter 2: Character Creation
    (Download Chapter 2 - PDF 492K)

    Chapter 3: Martial Arts and Combat
    (Download Chapter 3 - PDF 355K)

    Chapter 4: Magic
    (Download Chapter 4 - PDF 321K)

    Chapter 5: Experience and Magic Items
    (Download Chapter 5- PDF 261K)

    Chapter 6: Gods and Monsters
    (Download Chapter 6- PDF 323K)
    Chapter 7: Campaign and Adventure
    (Download Chapter 7- PDF 146K)
    Appendix: Conversion Notes & Appendix 2: Ten Recommended Films
    (Download Appendix - PDF 150K)
    (Dragon & Phoenix is presented with page numbers following the Dragon Fist Game materials and can be placed at the end as Appendix 3)
    Dragon & Phoenix Adventure
    (Download Dragon & Phoenix PDF 440K)
    Character Sheet
    (Download the Character Sheet PDF 140K)

    Please don't read the adventure, I will maybe use it later.

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