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    4e DM Cheat Sheet

    I just put together a cheat sheet for our DM (and my future games). The idea behind it is, theoretically, you could run a game by the seat of your pants with just this sheet.

    Enjoy! And I'd appreciate any feedback you have too.

    LATEST UPDATE: 9/27/12
    * Added save bonuses to elites and solos
    * Added CA (combat advantage) notation to dying, petrified, and unconscious conditions


    * Fixed some niggling errors
    * Uploaded a landscape version

    Finally got around to adding some things I'd been meaning to:

    * Improv: minion base damage is 4 + 1 per two levels (as near as I can tell)
    * DM Prep: abbreviated basic terrain types from DMG
    * Rules: rough hireling guidelines (~potion gp /day)
    * Plot: added cool benefits for skill challenges or for boosting milestones

    Big update! I added three extra "cheat sheets" to complement the improvisation one I originally posted. They're *almost* finished.

    * DM Prep: overland travel, monster XP, treasure, magic item gp
    * Rules: skill DCs, prices, conditions
    * Plot: a bunch of stuff I find useful

    * Added complications to the skill challenge section
    * Listed sources for information

    To give credit where credit is due:

    The "DC by level" table and the "Skill Challenge" table are wholesale from the Rules Compendium, with a couple additional advantages I wrote up.

    The "Monster" table is based on the awesome MM3 on a business card over at SlyFlourish. The table on "updating pre-MM3 monsters" is just what I use for my own games based on the changes I observed in monster design.

    The "Traps/Hazards" table is the skin and bones advice from Matthew Sernett's Trapped article in Dragon #366 .

    The "Improvised Actions / Terrain Powers" table draws on DMG page 42 as well as Mark Monack's Tutorial: Terrain Powers article on the Wotc website.
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