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    City of Seven Sins - Repository

    This thread is sort of a rogue's gallery but also setting material for the as-yet unnamed shared creative setting. See this thread for more details and OOC discussion.

    In character thread.
    Rogues Gallery

    Reminder of the rules:

    Savage Worlds ruleset (I'm currently only using the free Test Drive rules)

    You don't need to define your character completely at the start, but can build as you go, ensuring (at least at first) that someone will usually have a revelant skill or ability.

    General idea of setting is a decadent, decaying far-future fantasy setting where magic and tech can exist. The tone is possibly slightly amoral as well; your characters will not necessarily be shining heroes. What's actually in that framework is what we'll find out together.

    General improv rules apply - remember the rule of "yes, and..." so that nobody gainsays another contribution, but also remember to stay within genre. There is an option for group veto of flagrantly silly contributions. I'd suggest not thinking too deeply about setting details, the more easily to roll with the punches as others come up with suggestions that you might not have considered.

    Anyone interested should put a place-holder post in this thread, where you can add in your character details as they occur, and also any setting details that crop up during play.

    Most things are allowed - magic, high tech, psionics, non-human races; hopefully as we go on things will manifest themselves more clearly. I'm also interested in allowing things that most games tend to edge away from, such as allowing the characters access to great political power, hordes of followers, mercantile empires and other things on a grand scale - Savage Worlds seems easily scaleable in that respect.

    Regarding NPCs, players have the option to write NPC actions, particularly in the light of a die roll - I'm interested in having no sacrosanct DM characters. I think the only off-limits inter-player control should be other player characters, and any NPC followers bought using character generation points that "belong" to another player.
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