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    Regretfully, I am going to have to bow out of this game. Recent changes to my activities have limited the time I can spend on these PBP games (and on EN World in general) and I have to pare down some of my commitments.

    Good luck with the game.

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    No worries Insight. It's stalled a bit at the moment anyway, my fault really for various reasons, but I will try top continue at some point.

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    Finally got round to setting up a Rogues Gallery for this game, so any remaining players please post your characters.

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    What about my request to change from superpowers to psionics?

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    I think psionics would fit the setting better. As I still haven't gotten around to getting the full rules I have no useful opinion ruleswise, unfortunately. I'd say go with whichever served the character idea better.

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    Thanks, I will make the changes ASAP.

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    I'm still in. I'll post the char tomorrow.

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    Hey, Dr. Simon (and others) - Is this game still active? I saw from your sig that it's on hiatus, but there's no mention of that in any of the threads. If y'all are still pressing forward, I'd be interested in trying my hand at Savage Worlds, and at a shared-world game.

    From the various threads, I've gleaned the following:

    Setting is far-future, bleak, with primarily tech/psi flavor and a dash each of fantasy and old-west steampunk (Dying Earth, Gene Wolfe, and I caught a whiff of Will Smith/Kevin Kline version of "Wild, Wild West").

    Current PCs are Skulk (sneaky-thievery), Kinslayer (vampirish warrior sort) and Amica (psionic "face" type).

    Story - Very little backstory at this point. PCs knew each other or fell in together quickly to do a "smash-n-grab" on Six to take him to the Professor for examination (we don't know the objective of his exam). Exam was interrupted by another of the Queen's flying warriors. PCs are now looking for someone to decode the bits of Six that the Professor extracted.

    Just lemme know. IF it's a go I've got some vague thoughts about a sniper type, but not sure how I'd fluff him/her. May not even end up going with that, depending on how things go as I fiddle around with the system.

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    We hit a rough patch...lost some players and then had some slowdowns.

    I'm game to keep going, but I feel like we could really use some activity on the OOC side, cuz I'm needing some help with story material.

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    I'm happy to bring it back to life. The original plan was to construct the background as we went, withiin certain guidelines, but we hit upon the City of Seven Sins things quite quickly. I know some of the others had trouble with a lack of concrete background, so it might be good to firm up some details here and there - where do the PCs fit in the scheme of the city, who are the major players, that kind of thing, so any suggestions welcome!

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