So, it being July, I'm a little late checking on June's Campaign of the Month at Obsidian Portal. It sounded pretty cool, so thought I should check it out. A little late for sure, it's no longer open to the public.

Apparently, Paizo issued a C&D to the campaign owner, due to what he describes as tiny thumbnail images of item cards being handed out to his players (check the comments section at the bottom of the interview).

Seriously? If that is all there is to the offending material, tiny, unusable images, then this seems pretty silly to me. Sounds to me to along the lines of the good ol' days at TSR, or White Wolf's current draconian measures regarding use of their IP.

I like the guys and gals at Paizo, they do good work. But this, I don't like, just seems very player-unfriendly.