Dreamscarred Press is excited to announce the From the Deep Adventure Path, the result of our open call for adventure writers earlier this year. This six-part adventure path takes place in the Third Dawn Campaign Setting and starts with the adventure Uncertain Futures in the Ophid Protectorate.

This six-part adventure path will take characters from 1st level up to 18th level, uncovering secrets within the Ophid Protectorate and the Maquoran Fleet, fighting nefarious creatures who have found a way to disrupt the very flow of psionics itself. Take the battle underground, underwater, and across the continents in this first adventure path from Dreamscarred Press.

Written by Michael McCarthy, Uncertain Futures begins in the Protectorate city of Arbil. Included in Uncertain Futures is a detailed write-up of the kobold race as it exists in the Third Dawn Campaign Setting, as well as the rules of psionic duels, the foundation of the society of the Ophid Protectorate.

The Player's Guide to the From the Deep Adventure Path is set to be released as a free download later this month, with the first adventure, Uncertain Futures, to follow shortly thereafter.

From the Deep requires Psionics Unleashed.