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    RCK- I went to your site and read your thoughts on the Riddle in the Tomb of Horrors. It's a shame that you aren't getting the audience you deserve, as your thoughts clearly belong in the ongoing ToH thread right now here @ ENWorld, and your insights would be great fuel for the community.

    If you can transcend the necessary gates and shed the ego to experience the miracle of rebirth, it would be a joy to see you again.

    Best of luck. Enjoy the fish!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nedjer View Post
    Equally, if I read it correctly, as a result of RCK's stance EN reviewed their options and decided to recognise that the topic under discussion needs alarm bells all over it in future. So that'd be RCK 1, EN 1, and the trolls get a Nerf dart up the nose.

    EN reviewed the situation quite independently of RCK's decision, which (according to his blog) came after the original ENworld decision.

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