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    Another ping for Auggies, I've buyed there and was satisfied. Good prices (I've looked around.)

    If you're looking for the bulk, cheap order, you can hand-pick them one by one and many cost less than a dollar each.

    Since it's your birthday, you can probably add one or two pricier minis such as the dragons or some such


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    I've been a fan of Reaper minis for a while... they have a huge selection of typical D&D style adventurers and monsters. Lately, I've been buying some of the odd stuff in their Chronosphere line, which has some quirky stuff like Santa Claus, Alice in Wonderland, and Men in Black (although they don't call them that)... stuff that's just fun to paint...

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    These guys have some minis that are great fun, like the crypto-Scooby Gang figs:

    .:Hasslefree Miniatures:.

    They're fairly expensive, but if you want some naked harem girls they're the place to go.
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