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    Campaign Notes: MapTool and Google+ Hangouts

    Edited in: I'll add links to files and documents that other DMs may find useful to the start of this post.
    Digging for Lies MapTool campaign file (maps through the first 2 acts).

    Original Post
    I mentioned Zeitgeist to a few of my friends in passing. I recently ran the first act of Shadows of Mirahan for them live, and they really seemed to enjoy it. Since we don't live in the same area, though, live gaming is a rarity. When I mentioned Zeitgeist, they were all really interested! So we tested out Google+ hangouts and I figured out how to import images into MapTool, adjust the grid size, and host a server.
    First, a bit about the PCs, in the players' own words:

    Murdok Wendin
    Female Human
    Martial Scientist
    Her parents wanted a boy. Raised in the middle of nowhere, but pretty much ignored. Went to the Battalion outside of Flint for Martial Scientist training. A little too cynical and uncouth, she wound up in the RHC after graduation.

    Thesis Title - Further Analysis of the Use and Effectivity of Natural Terrain as an Aid Against a Superior Force

    Reginald Nigel Whitecliff
    Male Human
    Spirit Medium
    Reginald is an extremely affable, socially adept member of a minor noble family. At 18 his family got him a position as a functionary of some type in a colonial outpost (or if colonial outposts don't exist, a diplomatic position in some farflung, India-like country). While there, he rose through the ranks of service, and as time wore on he developed an appreciation for the local culture that his fellow functionaries disdained, though he was charming enough that this disdain didn't extend to him as well. Nonetheless, he was seen as having gone tropo, adopting native dress, eating native foods, learning the native languages, and so forth. When it was necessary to send a party to negotiate with the local nobility of a neighboring city state, he was chosen as a member of the party because of his facility with the natives (and also out of concern that he would spread his enthusiasm for the local culture to the new batch of functionaries, a core of whom had begun to look up to him).

    While en route to the city state, their party was set upon, with the members either being killed or captured. Reginald himself was thought killed, and his body was left in the jungle to rot. He was only *mostly* dead, however, and was nursed back to health by a sadhu who lived in the part of the jungle where the attack took place. The sadhu, himself a psion, recognized that Reginald himself possessed psionic potential, and trained him, unlocking his abilities through a combination of hallucinogens and meditative techniques. Both of them were startled when Reginald's abilities to communicate with the dead were awoken, and it was his contact with the spirits of his fellow countrymen who had been slain in the raid that reminded him of his responsibilities as a servant of the crown (this is after a number of years had passed). He said farewell to the sadhu and set out to track down the bandits who had attacked his party, using his now-developed abilities to capture the bandits that survived and bring them to justice. This task complete, he decided that it was time to return home.

    Once there, however, he was restless, unsatisfied with the bureaucratic work that the crown put him to. Seeking a life that can put his particular talents to use, he makes contact with the HRC, which quickly recruits him.

    Female Goliath
    Yerasol Veteran
    Viveen was born in Risur, in the Weftlands. Her goliath ancestors were taken as slaves during an invasion from Ber long ago, and ended up staying on as indentured servants and then sharecroppers. A curious and inquisitive youth, Viveen had no real interest in farming. With few other options open to her, she joined the army and served in the Fourth Yerasol War.

    The wars taught Viveen that she had a talent for hitting people with a large hammer, but also that the army's methods lacked a certain finesse. She didn't mind fighting, although it wasn't her favorite thing, but she preferred it to be better directed and for a clearer purpose than most campaigns she participated in. During this time she also met and talked to a wide range of people, including an old ship's captain who told her stories about once seeing a book written in the language of the gods. Something in the story spoke to her, and woke a force inside her she didn't know existed.

    Whenever possible, Viveen began to research all that was known about the divine language. Finally, she thought she understood how one letter should look, and scribed it on her maul. In her next battle, she swung at an enemy and was almost blinded herself by the burst of fire that erupted when the blow fell.

    After she discovered that the divine alphabet was real, and that she could use it if she learned it, Viveen left the army as soon as she could. Battlefields are no place for study, and she suspected that to truly pursue this field she would need the freedom to explore old temple sites, visit libraries, perhaps seek out the site where Srasama died! Returning to Risur, Viveen finds herself accorded a level of respect she is unaccustomed to. Apparently, killing for your country trumped being subhuman. Since this makes continuing her studies easier, Viveen accepts it, as well as a position in the RHC.

    Viveen sees herself as sort of a divine archeologist. The RHC is a good match: the investigations interest her, she is skilled in healing and with a weapon; but her free time is devoted to seeking out traces of runes and putting them together. She does not worship any god, and would be surprised by the suggestion. She believes she is merely using the power of the runes, and has not considered what may be allowing her to channel it.

    Male Eladrin
    Vekeshi Mystic
    Vesta migrated to Risur (and Flint) young enough that he may as well be a local. He learned the history and plight of his people in general through the recollections of his older brothers, but his heritage and why his family had relocated weren't topics ever broached.

    He grew up in Parity Lake and has seen how it's changed for the worse for the average working class people. Not that factory work held much interest to such a bright young man. He drifted a bit in his youth without a clear path forward.

    The RHC offered the opportunity for him to get out of his old life and focus his talents towards what seem to be worthy goals.
    He was recruited by a Constable who later died in the line of duty. Vesta, quite shaken by his friend's death, took a leave of absence, but eventually returned to the RHC with renewed dedication to keeping the streets safe.

    He has a reputation for keeping meticulous case files, and is generally amenable to a night out with the boys, though he rarely has more than a pint.
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