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    [Adventure] Trouble in Daunton (DM: Nebten, Judge: Currently Looking)

    Well Met and welcome to "Trouble in Daunton." It is a short run dungeon crawl quest. If you are looking for some epic campaign, this is not it. If you just want to get the ball rolling and play, please join. This should be a good adventure for people not familar with the PbP format or new to D&D. If you are an ol' vet of the PbP-scape, this might be a little basic for you. I'm using an old AD&D audio adventure, so there will be audio files that will be sprinkled throughout the game. Beware, they are cheezy as hell. They have narration for the typical classes, but I don't by any means believe that what is voiced acted is what any one you may actually say. This is more for fun and I want to see how it works as my first L4W game.

    I have ran PbPs before that have gone on for years in the past. This I pray will not. I post on a constant basis and I expect the same from my characters. I will try to resolve your action immidatly if I can. Initiative is resolved by me averaging the modifiers of both sides, adding that to a d20 roll, highest group goes first then alternate. If you cannot post every 2 days, especially during combats, I ask you not to join in this game. If we are in a combat encounter and you do not post within 48 hours of the enemies posting, I reserve the right to perform the best action for your character with an at-will power or go full defensive. Keep in mind, some of the encounters are so basic I may not develop a map for it.

    You can do your own rolls when asked for them. Please use Invisible Castle or EN World's dice roller. If there is something I only want your character to know, I may put it in sblock or PM you. Please only read the sblock if it pertains to you.

    If the audio has a name that doesn't work for the current L4W landscape, I will let you know. Such as Threshold=Daunton or Juggling Ogre Inn=The Hanged Man.

    For everybody's entertainment, please be liberal with your writing. Role playing opportunities may be few but I don't think anybody wants to see the player of the mute fighter write "I Cleave" for 3 rounds.

    Any questions, please go ahead and post them before starting. You may continue with your conversations from The Hanged Man here. When you are ready to go just give me a little *Ready* at the end of your post.

    Check back to this post for XP totals and possible treasure found.

    The journey to Daunton was peaceful but tiring, and now the comforts of an inn -- a hot meal, a merry song, and a warm bed -- are fitting rewards for the hard day's travels.
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