HM's Dragonlance game converted to Pathfinder - recruiting

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    HM's Dragonlance game converted to Pathfinder - recruiting

    Ok the title pretty much tells the tale. recruiting

    I have been running the first module of the Dragonlance series (Started 1 year ago today ) in 2e mode. And while it was very nostalgic to dig out the old books it has been hard to remember the game play or get into the game after 9 years of 3e and 2 of Pathfinder.

    But the main reason I am thinking of a change is due to characters. As I look ahead I see I will need a lot of players if I don't wish to end up NPCing half the group as we play.

    So I am posting this to see if I were to change the rules system to Pathfinder would it draw the interest of more players to help me and add to the fun.

    Even if you don't wish to join into the game I will be keeping this thread open for conversions of characters (always fun), should the change take place. Please feel free to add comments post what you think one of the Heroes of the Lance would look like decked out in PF crunch.

    The second post I am leaving open to help show the PC's and who would need taken over and edit in those that find a player.

    Thanks for stopping in.


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