4E [Adventure]: The Bane of the Black Dragon (DM: Dimsdale, Judge ??) - Page 41
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    OOC: "Sneak attacks don't work if you say it out loud, Sokka."

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    OOC: Tell that to this rogue Giant In the Playground Games

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    OOC: Sharpe has an ipad on the back of his shield and he reads online comics when nobody is looking

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    DM Notes: Please Ignore



    Drew: Hit for 22 and -2 to hit Drew
    Prime: Hits for 10
    Vermitrax: Hypnotise goblin, slides to current location
    Sharpe: Miss
    Pet Dragon:
    Gellan: Hit for 23
    Timber Wolf:

    Total Damage to Enemy:
    Leader hit for 55 (so far)

    Baddies turn:
    attack: Dance of the leader:
    1d20+12 vs Prime AC: miss
    effect: shift 2 and attack Zharne: 1d20+12 vs AC: 1d10+6: miss

    movement: shift to current location

    Total Damage to Allies:





    Defenses: AC: 23, Fort: 19, Ref: 16, Will: 16 Binded: (SAVE ENDS); 5 ongoing (SAVE ENDS)
    HP: 58/58 THP 0: Bloodied: 29, Surge value:14, Surges left: 11/13

    Defenses: AC: 20, Fort: 19, Ref: 17, Will: 14 DAZED (SAVE ENDS)
    HP: 42/51,THP 14: Bloodied 25, Surge Value 12, Surges left 8/9

    AC 18, Fort: 15, Ref: 13, Will: 17
    HP 40/40, THP: Bloodied 20 Surge Value 10; Surges left 10/11

    Malifixindalaunt: Dragon Mount
    AC 20; Fort: 20; Ref: 17; Will: 17 Speed 4, fly 8 (clumsy)
    HP 60/60 THP 14; Bloodied 30

    AC 20; Fort: 18, Ref: 20, Will 20
    HP 38/38 THP 14 Bloodied 19 Surge Value 9; Surges left 9/9
    Resist 5 Cold 10 Force

    AC 20 THP 5; Fort: 15, Ref: 18, Will 18
    HP 47/51 THP 14 Bloodied 25 Surge Value 12(14 in Beastform); Surges left 9/9
    Resist 5 Cold

    Timber Wolf:
    AC 20; Fort: 15, Ref: 18, Will 18
    HP 51/51

    AC 21 Fortitude 15 Reflex 19 Will 15
    HP 23/34 THP 0 Bloodied 17 Surge Value 8 Surges left 6/8

    Guard 1: DEAD
    Guard 2: DEAD
    Ogre Savage: DEAD
    Hobgoblin 1: DEAD
    Hobgoblin 2: DEAD
    Hobgoblin 3: DEAD
    Goblin Mage 1: DEAD
    Goblin Mage 2: DEAD
    Goblin 1: DEAD
    Goblin 2: DEAD
    Goblin 3: DEAD
    Goblin 4: DEAD
    Goblin 5: 1/1
    Hobgoblin Leader: 83/162 (slowed)


    Hobgoblin Leader
    HP 162; Bloodied 81
    AC 22; Fortitude 19, Reflex 19, Will 19
    Saving Throws +2
    Speed 7
    Action Points: USED
    ę Wounding Bastard Sword (standard; at-will) Weapon
    +12 vs. AC (crit 19-20); 1d10+ 6 damage (crit 1d10+ 12) and
    ongoing 5 damage (save ends).
    + Dance of the Leader (standard; at-will) Weapon Longsword
    +12 vs. AC (crit 19-20); 1d10 + 6 damage (crit 1d6 + 12). Effect:
    The leader shifts 2 squares after the attack and
    makes one more attack against the same target or a different
    one. The leader then shifts 2 squares. USED
    Peerless Tumbler (move; recharge :X ji)
    The Leader shifts 4 squares, ignoring difficult

    Adventure Summary

    Find Lord Weinfurter dead or alive
    Locate and retrieve an orb
    Fought off an ambush by a shambling mound and a black dragon.
    Kidnapped a sniper. Learned some info about a gang of goblins with a V scare
    Sniper says help help party if they help him get home
    Party attack goblin stronghold, killing ogre and many guards

    ooc: It's your turn.

    ooc: Zharne up: Can he put the finishing blow on the warlord?

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    Zharne move to to attack his prey from a better place and attack the warlord twice, mauling the warlord to his death

    Action Details

    Move Action:move to G34
    Standard Action:grasping claws with CA(hits ref 29 for 14 damage and he is slowed tent)
    Minor Action:N/A
    AP Action:grasping claws with CA(hit ref 12 for 16 damage, but but I'll use Elven Accuracy to reroll making it hit ref 20 so 2 hits for a total of 30 damage)
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    As the warlord falls to his death from the claws of Zharne, the room becomes deathly still. Seconds latter there is an eruption of joy from the goblins around the party. Urack is dead. We free nows! says the former sniper captive. The goblin then speaks to the monk. That way (pointing south) is the river. Large group of us went by boat to location ordered by Urack. They go to ambush rivals. The goblin then points to the small passageway. That where Urack go to sometimes....no one allowed but him...He then moves back towards the other goblins and talks to them for a moment. You see that other goblins shake their head in approval. The sniper turns back to the group. We wait for you to decide what you do.

    ooc: While you are figuring out what to do I will compute you boat load of xp Should have it done by tomorrow. Feel free to level up, but no buying new gear for obvious reasons.

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    Dibs on the magic items! Sharpe shouts, leaping off the dragon and rummaging through the warlord's belongings.

    OOC: I'll wait to level up, hoping to get to level 5

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    Prime whistles as he releases excess steam.

    +++I expected to question him. Did you have to tear his throat out?+++

    Then, turning to the goblins, and unsure if they can read Allarian:

    +++Ok, you bunch. Shoo, and don't let me see you near Daunton again.+++

    Prime Warforged Fighter 6
    Things to remember

    • Prime has damage reduction 1 against all damage
    • When an enemy marked by Prime makes an attack that doesn’t include him, he can make an Immediate Interrupt to make a Melee Basic Attack against him. If the attack connects, he can push the target up to 3 squares; since interrupts happen before the action that provoked them, pushing an enemy that attacks an ally beyond reach can potentially negate the attack altogether. Notice also that this attack isn’t an opportunity attack
    • Prime has a +2 bonus to hit with Opportunity attacks and if they hit they stop enemies if a move provoked the attack. They can resume moving using other actions.

    Unbreakable at the first opportunity (-9 damage for one attack)
    Shield Edge Block when the -4 to the enemy’s roll can negate the attack
    Guardian’s Counter when an ally within 2 squares is attacked, especially if the swap would negate the attack (it hit the ally’s defense, but is not high enough to hit Prime’s)

    Initiative: +4, Passive perception: 22, Passive Insight: 17
    Defenses: AC: 24/24, Fort: 20/20, Ref: 17/17, Will: 17/17
    HP:64/64 THP: 0 Bloodied: 32, Surge value:16, Surges/day: 11/13 Speed: 5 squares
    Languages: Common
    AP: 1
    Tide of Iron, Shield Feint, Pass Forward
    Hack and Hew, Shield Edge Block, Warforged Resolve, Unbreakable, Guardian’s Counter, Boots of the fencing master, Second Wind
    Villain’s Menace, Rain of Steel, Knockback Warhammer
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    "Indeed..." Vermitrax agrees with Prime again.
    "I propose to check the room where the warlord have private access, perhaps we can find information and loot." he says, grabbing the edge of his cloak and turning sharply, making it flutter, as he heads towards the passage.

    OOC: Vermitrax is level 5 now. Tremble before his skeleton servant!
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    "Let me check the entrance first, Vermitrax."

    Turning toward goblins
    "Is there anything special he did before entering or was it simply forbidden for you?" he asks checking the body for keys or other things that might be needed to gain entrance in some warded space

    (perception +8; thievery +11)

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