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    HM's Skull & Shackles AP-OOC

    Skull & Shackles

    Not due out till FEB 2012 - But it looks like there is a lot of interest so I was thinking of getting a jump on characters and maybe running a couple quick scenarios to get the PCs out of 1st lvl before the actually AP started.

    Let me see I already have spots for...

    @Blood and Honor

    That could be a group right there but as you know I will run more than one game at a time should it be needed. So please post your interest and talk to your fellow gamers about what it is you wish to play. See if we can get people into groups and then into their own OOC threads.

    Thinking get interest recruitment out of the way in SEPT. Play a PFSS OCT-JAN and then we will be starting everyone's career as a pirate before you know it.

    Two things:

    First the extra game I will run will be an Pathfinder Society Module or Scenario. I am thinking of getting some use out of my...

    Hollow's Last Hope
    Master of the Fallen Fortress
    The Devil We Know(pt1) - Shipyard Rats
    Skeleton Moon

    ...downloads (as they are sitting around). And I also thought of maybe picking up The Silent Tide, for those of you that haven't played it, it is a good adventure and fits the theme.

    Ok second, the next post is for the stuff you want to really know about (character gene) and then the thread is all yours.

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