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    Call that a haiku?!?
    You're just counting syllables!
    That's not a haiku!!!
    Steve Townshend


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    A dark Dungeon ahead
    I've brought my sword with me
    The light fades.
    "Many point out that this battle against the darkness is an impossible one, and they may well be right. Impossible or not, however, the battle for righteousness is one that only a few heroes are brave enough to undertake"

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    Ignore darkwing
    Getting into fights
    Neverwinter I protect
    From that which gives fright

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    I Defended The Walls!

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    I would thank you for an invitation
    Neverwinter I will visit
    A happy guest I will be.
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    Isometric game
    You remind of a pool
    of radiance, oh

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    Haiku Reply

    In heart of dungeon
    the hero of autumn years
    finds solace in death
    Steve Muchow
    Myth Merchant Press

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    This looks like great fun
    Beta Key give me one please, Sir
    Would you trade a monkey?
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    This is what Yoda would probably say about it:

    "No, no different. Only different in your mind. You must unlearn what you have learned (about D&D)."

    By approaching the new game without ego or bias, I do feel like it's 1990 all over again and I just discovered that awesome black boxed game with the huge red dragon in it.

    D&D is not an edition. D&D is not my D&D. D&D is not your D&D. D&D is D&D.

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    old pond . . .
    a frog leaps in
    water’s sound

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    watching primeval
    surfing the net as well
    neverwinter wow!
    "Use the rules. Don't let the rules use you."~Psion

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    Can I have a key?
    I would like one very much
    Satisfied Gamer.

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