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    We have 99 Heroes of Neverwinter beta keys to give away

    Atari has given EN World a pile of beta keys for Heroes of Neverwinter, the new Facebook-based D&D game which is currently in closed beta.

    UPDATE: We've had well over 99 entries now. We'll let you know if we get any more beta keys, and maybe we can do this again.
    Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter brings the beloved lore, ruleset and legacy of Dungeons & Dragons to the Facebook platform. This engaging mix of bite-sized play sessions, top notch RPG gameplay, viral dynamics, and extended features promises to deliver the deepest RPG experience ever seen on the platform.
    We will give a key to each of the first 99 people to reply to this thread. You will receive the key in your EN World PM (private messaging) inbox. There are rules!
    • Only post once in this thread; if you post more than once you'll be disqualified. We need to be able to go through the list easily without having to double check for duplicates.
    • Your post can be anything, but it must be in Haiku format! Non-Haikus will be ignored. It doesn't have to be a great Haiku (we're not judging them) and it doesn't have to be perfect - but it does have to be an attempt at it.
    • You do need a Facebook account.

    How to use your beta key
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