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    The Shackled City - Golarion Interest/Recruitment (CLOSED)

    Hi Everyone,

    I've decided to take the plunge and give DMing PbP a shot. I'm interested in running The Shackled City AP by Paizo Publishing.

    Module: Shackled City Adventure Path
    Setting: I will be modifying the AP to fit in the Pathfinder Golarion World
    Ruleset: I'm leaning towards Pathfinder RPG but could be convinced to do 3.5

    Game Description

    Players will be starting level 1 characters, and the Adventure Path should take characters into epic levels. I will be writing up/stealing/modifying a quick player's guide to give players some background information and guidance for character creation. The Shackled City is an Urban/Dungeon focused campaign, so characters with heavy outdoor focused builds might find their abilities less useful then others (though people can play what they want). The campaign will be slightly modified from its original printing to fit into Golarion as opposed to the original Greyhawk for which it was written. I may also include some additional content.

    The Basics:
    I have some general rules I'd also like to cover:
    1) No evil characters
    2) No loners please. Characters must be willing to be part of a team either for glory/honor/profit/what have you.

    Update Frequency:
    I'm targeting a GM update every 2days minimum, though I could update as frequently as once a day depending on my schedule. If I will need to be away for longer then that I will let the players know.

    When I get 4 players showing interest I will get the player guide together so that people can start building characters. I would request that those signing up list the ruleset they prefer and whether or not running the other ruleset is make or break for them. Please also include whether or not you have run the AP before or have knowledge of it. I'd prefer to run it for people who have never run it before, but I'm willing to include others if they are good and limiting the metagaming .


    I have not run Pathfinder RPG before so this will be a bit of a learning experience for me, but I have 3.5 exp.

    This will be my first PbP DM'd game.

    Current Players:
    Walking Dad
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