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    A Keep On The Borderland OOC

    IC Thread

    Throwing out a concept here to see if anyone will bite. Probably foolish of me to do so seeing as its coming up to a busy time, but seeing as it could take a while to get things sorted....

    Inspired, obviously, by The Keep on the Borderlands, the idea is for a game where characters are re-colonising a lost outpost on the borders of some civilised land. A bit like the Kingmaker AP, but with a different flavour.

    Thoughts are along the lines of using a bit of skirmish-level mass combat, as well as diplomacy, dominion-building and good old-fashioned dungeon crawling, so although the rules are Pathfinder it might be worth checking options from the Miniatures Handbook and Heroes of Battle, for example. Although not exclusive, I thought it would make a nice change where the PCs are in charge of followers pretty much from the outset.

    Characters will likely be 2nd level (or ECL 2), and pretty much any option is available from PF or 3.x. - to some extent what the players choose defines the background. If you're a cleric, you get to define some of the mythology; if you choose a non-human race you get to decide how that race fits onto the world, and what its culture is like, and so on.

    I was thinking that the characters are all part of a "punishment detail" sent to clear out the fort for resettlement. There is a commanding officer, then the PCs as "specialist" rank, and some low-level warrior types, although there could also be a number of personal reasons why your character is in the group which might springboard the direction of the campaign.

    Character Creation

    • Pathfinder
    • 20 point buy
    • 2nd level
    • Any class from the srd (core and base)
    • Races and classes from 3.x also considered.
    • Starting funds - 1000gp
    • Hit points - maximum first, roll for second. Then add your Con score (not modifier, whole score)

    For experience I will probably do what I do in the majority of my other games - simply award a level up when the character pass some kind of milestone. These will be faster (in terms of encounters per level) than normal, but slowed by the natural rate of PbP.
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