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    Quote Originally Posted by UngeheuerLich View Post
    I highly doubt, that going back to ADnD would work. Just as you cant say: I had so much fun with my commodore c64, i throw away the PC with that windows 7...

    Ah, but you can have this: Commodore USA


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    Yup, 5E is obviously in the works. What remains to be seen is if they will move back to the success of the OGL or not.
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    I wouldn't be surprised that a 5th edition would be more fluid. For instance, instead of playing a wizard or fighter, there would be more of a point-buy system of powers and abilities that would allow each player to personalize their characters. Sure, you could add a level of spellcasting, but will it be in the healing realm, or fire, or perhaps use those points to increase your ability to hit or to dodge, or to resist fire, or wear chainmail effectively...

    In this way, you can incorporate some aspects of both systems (though care must be taken to prevent the system from becoming too bulky), while creating a unique system that hasn't been found before (at least in this line of products).

    I would use some linear powers and some non-linear. For instance, you must take the abilities in Healing 1 before you can learn Healing 2, but you can choose chain mail usage without the need to have chosen studded leather armor previously.

    In my opinion, 4th edition ruined the magic system. And, yes, I don't like that it is constructed like a paper-based video game, or that it tells the game master exactly how many magic items of a particular level a player should have. But, it did allow new players not to be overwhelmed by details.

    Any new system should be easy to learn, but with many ways to make a character unique.

    There should be a quick way to find whatever crunchy-bit information needed without needing to look up the specifics in a reference tome.

    Balanced and logical classes and races. I want to know why spellcasters can't wear armor or use a longbow. It should be because their magic is as effective as the non-magical options. Why wear armor if you can use a spell that provides the protection (or near it) that doesn't require the weight and upkeep. Perhaps limit items to specific stat scores (like Diablo series) or levels (World of Warcraft) to help maintain balance.

    Don't set the game up for a specific numbers of players. I hated that aspect of 3rd edition. It made ir very easy for a party of four, but created problems for any other number of players. Also, make experience points rewarded be a simple system.

    Be broad in scope to allow many styles of play.

    Don't make everything reliant on the roll of the die.

    General rules with options for customization.

    Anything I missed?

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    Since someone else did this in another thread, I couldn't help but go back and find this one and bump it.

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    I thought Monte was back on D&D Next!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Plaguescarred View Post
    I thought Monte was back on D&D Next!
    Yes I was disappointed too.

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    I suggest people go back and find their old posts and assumptions, and rate their predictions for accuracy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Savage Wombat View Post
    I suggest people go back and find their old posts and assumptions, and rate their predictions for accuracy.
    Circumspection?! Sir, what do you take us for?!
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