D20 Fight Club [iOS App]
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    D20 Fight Club [iOS App]

    Disclaimer: I didn't develop this app or know the developer.

    I picked up D20 Fight Club on the AppStore for 99 cents yesterday and got to use it in a game tonight. It's awesome. I tried searching around and couldn't find much on Google about it and there were hardly any reviews in the AppStore so I figured I'd let you guys know about it and post my thoughts.

    First things first, there is no character builder import function. It sucks. I emailed the dev and he said he's hoping to start working on it soon. So you have to manually enter all your information. There's a free app called Compendium by Cordax Software LLC you can use to copy and paste all the flavor text and power descriptions but it'll still take a significant amount of time to get a character in this app. One final note on character creation: you don't add a feat like Rod Expertise, you add 3 modifiers (+1 AC, +1 Reflex, +1 Implement Attack). The app then takes all these modifiers from your feats, race, class and gear to calculate your attack bonuses, defences, skills etc. It worked very well.

    Once you're done making the character, using the app is great. It's very clean, fast and full featured. There's a nifty dice roller, easy to use dice rolling calculator, power sorting, temporary effect tracking from powers (ex. +2 defences from second wind), equipment management, skills, ability scores with modifiers, currency tracking, notes, and a clean combat tracking page for HP, healing surges, and conditions.

    It's missing a few minor things like the ability to track power uses on powers with multiple uses but nothing major.

    I gave it a 5 star review. It's major competition would be i4e and Character4ge. Having used i4e for ~1 year, I'll say I prefer this app. i4e has character import but I found it made errors and I'd spend a lot of time double checking all my stats to make sure everything was correct.

    Check it out!

    ps. The Developer also said he's hoping to do an android version.

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    Version 2.1.0 is out, now with iPad support. It comes with a huge interface overhaul.

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