On Facebook? Please help us win a night at the hotel where we got married!

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    On Facebook? Please help us win a night at the hotel where we got married!

    I know this is completely off-topic, so I apologise in advance. But desperate times call for desperate measures! To that end, I'm asking EN World visitors for a tiny favour.

    If you're on Facebook, please help us out - we're trying to win a free night at the hotel where we got married.

    All you need to do is go to this photo of my wife, Sharon:

    And "like" it. That's all! The photo with the highest number of likes wins, and we're lagging way, way, waaaay behind the leaders of the pack - the leader currently has about 400 likes, and we're back with 230ish. We were in the lead for a short while, but our opposition noticed and managed to rally the troops and is surging ahead. Popular folks, clearly!

    Thanking you! And, again, apologies for the off-topic post.

    (Oh, whatever you do, don't "like" any of the other photos in that album and give our competition points!)
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    Let's not let the Plankers catch back up!
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    Please, help boost the signal!


    As always,
    Mark CMG

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    Done and done.

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    Done and also posted the story/link on our Gold Dragon Horde Facebook page. GOOD LUCK!!!
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